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Flag of BelgiumAll streaming, purchased downloads, and DVD titles are shown in French with English subtitles unless otherwise specified. (Please remember to TURN SUBTITLES ON if they aren’t hard-coded into the videos.) Authors whose books were adapted into series are noted where applicable. Also be aware that certain DVDs will require the use of a multi-region/region-free DVD player in order for them to be viewable in your country.

For French language TV programs from Switzerland, click here. To go to the main page for French language TV programs, click here. For Euro TV shows in other languages, click here.


THE BREAK (La trêve) (Belgium)
Genre: Crime Drama
Where to Watch/Stream/Download: US & UK: Netflix
DVDs: Not available at this time

PUBLIC ENEMY (Ennemi public)
Genre: Crime Drama
New/Reviews: Euro TV to Watch (21 Jul 2017)
Where to Watch/Stream/Download: US: Amazon Video, iTunes, Sundance Now, Sundance Now Channel on Amazon | UK: Amazon Video, iTunes, Sky Atlantic
DVDs: UK: Below

Public EnemyPublic Enemy (US streaming link)

Public EnemyPublic Enemy (UK streaming link)

Public EnemyPublic Enemy (UK DVD link)


Sundance Now on Amazon

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