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MHz Choice has set its April slate, which includes new and returning Euro TV titles from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and Italy.

Babylon Berlin
Babylon Berlin: Volker Bruch as Gereon Rath — Photo © X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment GmbH / Degeto Film GmbH / Beta Film GmbH / Sky Deutschland GmbH

April 2024 marks the start of a new era for MHz Choice, as series from former streaming service Topic, which recently merged with MHz Choice, begin joining the offerings on MHz Choice.

This month also sees the landmark German series Babylon Berlin return to streaming in the US and Canada, with Season 1 debuting April 16 on MHz Choice, and the never-before-seen-in-North-America Season 4 premiering on June 25 (mark your calendars!).

And there’s more besides. Check it out.

Unit One: Season 1 (Rejseholdet) (Denmark)

One of the best Euro TV cop dramas around is Unit One, which returns to MHz Choice, its original home in North America, in April. The International Emmy® Award-winning series follows the mobile Unit One team as they assist local police forces across Denmark in investigating cases that require more manpower or expertise. Getting them from one crime scene to the next is a souped-up tractor trailer that serves as their office on wheels.

The cast includes Charlotte Fich (Prisoner) as unit commander Ingrid Dahl, Hollywood star Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) as interrogation lead Allan Fischer, Lars Brygmann (Dicte) as crime scene specialist Thomas La Cour, Waage Sandø (Follow the Money) as “everything else” cop Jens Peter “IP” Sørensen, Trine Pallesen (The Killing) as reports officer Gabriella “Gaby” Levin, Erik Wedersøe (The Kingdom) as senior police official Ulf Thomsen, and Lars Bom (The Sommerdahl Murders) as pro footballer-turned-Unit One driver Johnny Olsen.

Unit One: Season 1 begins streaming Tuesday, April 2.

Spiral: Season 6 (Engrenages) (France) (English dub)

For folks who aren’t fans of subtitles but are of Spiral, the gritty, International Emmy® Award-winning crime drama, the English-dubbed version of Season 6 arrives on MHz Choice in April. Upon returning to work earlier than expected, Laure (Caroline Proust, Notre-Dame), along with Gilou (Thierry Godard, Germinal) and Tintin (Fred Bianconi, Chronicles of the Sun), begins a complex new investigation after a human torso is discovered in a pile of garbage in Paris’s 20th arrondissement. It isn’t the only corpse they’ll come across.

Meanwhile, Joséphine (Audrey Fleurot, A French Village) is still mourning, but nonetheless tempted by a high-profile criminal trial, which means collaborating with police attorney Eric Edelman (Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Kabul Kitchen). And Judge Roban (Philippe Duclos, The Art of Crime) faces a health crisis.

The English-dubbed version of Spiral: Season 6 begins streaming Tuesday, April 2.

Haven of Grace (De Grâce) (France-Belgium)

Dark, taut, and elegiac, Haven of Grace is a sprawling crime thriller saga set within the sordid underworld of the Northern French port city of Le Havre. Dock worker and former union organizer Pierre Leprieur (Olivier Gourmet, Captain Marleau, Oussekine) has spent his life trying to keep the docks clean. On the evening of his sixtieth birthday, both of his sons — Simon (Panayotis Pascot, Represent) and Jean (Pierre Lotin, Lupin) — are arrested and accused of drug trafficking. Convinced that he’s been targeted, Pierre risks everything to save them, but his efforts may come at too high a cost.

Costarring Margot Bancilhon (Criminal: France), who won the Best Actress Award at the 2023 Series Mania Festival for her portrayal of Pierre’s daughter, Emma, Haven of Grace premieres Tuesday, April 9.

Monterossi: Season 2 (Italy)

Based on Torto marcio, Book 4 in Alessandro Robecchi‘s “Le avventure di Carlo Monterossi” crime novel series, the new season of mystery thriller Monterossi finds TV writer and accidental detective Carlo Monterossi (Fabrizio Bentivoglio, The Name of the Rose, Rose Island) delving into the case of a series of mysterious murders after they feature in the plots of some episodes of the popular TV series he helped create. (Video is from Season 1)

Monterossi: Season 2 premieres Tuesday, April 9.

Babylon Berlin: Season 1 (Germany)

Based on the best-selling “Gereon Rath Mysteries” series of novels by Volker Kutscher, the outstanding, multi-award-winning crime thriller series Babylon Berlin returns to our screens in April. (Hooray!) Set during the Roaring Twenties, a time of organized crime and political extremism in Berlin, it stars Volker Bruch (Generation War) as Gereon Rath, a young police inspector in Cologne who is transferred to the vice squad at the Red Fort, the monumental police headquarters in Berlin, for a case involving the Berlin Mafia. His boss is Bruno Wolter (Peter Kurth, Tatort), a loyal and caring colleague whose hidden agenda becomes a serious threat. Between them is police steno-typist Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries, Counterpart), a bright young woman who assists Gereon in an unofficial capacity while struggling to improve her family’s miserable living conditions by leading a double life.

When a freight train from the nascent Soviet Union arrives, it draws attention from many corners. To some, its treasure is the key to political power; to others it secures a life of freedom and wealth. But first and foremost, it is a deadly trap to everyone trying to approach it.

Babylon Berlin
Babylon Berlin: Volker Bruch as Gereon Rath, Liv Lisa Fries as Charlotte Ritter — Photo © X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment GmbH / Degeto Film GmbH / Beta Film GmbH / Sky Deutschland GmbH

Babylon Berlin: Season 1 begins streaming Tuesday, April 16.

Bordertown: Season 2 (Sorjonen) (Finland)

Season 2 of award-winning mystery-crime drama series Bordertown consists of five stories starring Ville Virtanen (Jordskott) as Kari Sorjonen, the police chief in the border town of Lappeenranta. Plots include a double murder, the discovery of a preserved fetus at a daycare center manager’s home, a shooting at the largest sand castle in the country, the discovery of a dead body that is linked to a missing persons case, and the reopening of an old case after two women disappear. (Trailer is from Season 1)

Costarring Matleena Kuusniemi (Maria Kallio), Anu Sinisalo (Beck), Ilkka Villi (Love & Anarchy), and Matti Laine (A Good Family), Bordertown: Season 2 begins streaming Tuesday, April 16.


Pacific Criminal: Season 2 (OPJ Pacifique Sud) (France)

In the second season opener of cop drama Pacific Criminal, squad commander Clarissa Hoarau (Yaëlle Trules, Cut) and her team are transferred from their station in Nouméa, New Caledonia, to the south of Reunion Island, where Clarissa hails from. But her homecoming includes an unexpected reunion with Florian (Toussaint Martinetti, Mafiosa), her supposedly dead husband. Meanwhile, Gaspard (Antoine Stip, Tandem) and Jackson (Nathan Dellemme, Spiral) investigate the murder of a young woman and the disappearance of her six-month-old child, as the conspicuously-absent Kelly (Marielle Karabeu) awaits her judgment… (Video is from Season 1)

Pacific Criminal: Season 2 premieres Tuesday, April 23.

Murder In…: Season 12 (France)

The popular mystery anthology series Murder In… returns with thirteen new episodes that take viewers to more beautiful locations across France, including Le Mans, Charente, Brouage, Finistre,Font-Romeu, Pont-Aven, The Bearn, Guadeloupe, Lerins Islands, Cote Sauvage, Vendee, Les Saintes, and Dinard.

Starring in one episode is Canadian actor Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills, 90210, Private Eyes, Call Me Fitz), who plays a French-speaking LAPD detective who must investigate a murder on the race tracks of Le Mans while hiding his own secrets. Costars in the episode include Eléonore Bernheim (The Art of Crime) and Olivier Marchal (Murder in Martinique).

Murder In…: Season 12 premieres Tuesday, April 30.

The Roots of Evil (Die Quellen des Bösen) (Germany)

Set after the fall of the Berlin Wall, crime thriller series The Roots of Evil follows two cops — West German detective Ulrike Bandow (Henriette Confurius, Transatlantic) and East German investigator Koray Larssen (Fahri Yardim, Tatort) — who must join forces to unravel a trail of secrets and crack a gruesome case. A twisted serial killer seems to have returned, causing chaos throughout the countryside. To stop him, the investigators have to learn to trust each other. But that’s not easy, because Larssen has an agenda of his own and Ulrike’s personal guilt leads to a deep abyss she never wanted to fall into…

The Roots of Evil
The Roots of Evil (Die Quellen des Bösen): Fahri Yardim as Koray Larssen, Henriette Confurius as Ulrike Bandow — Photo credit: Wüste Filmproduktion GmbH / RTL © Anke Neugebauer

Featuring in the six-episode series are Cloé Albertine Heinrich (The Defeated), Angelina Häntsch (We Children from Bahnhof Zoo), and Filip Schnack (The Peppercorns).

The Roots of Evil premieres Tuesday, April 30.

All of the above titles are set to premiere/begin streaming in the US and Canada on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Prime Channels, starting on the dates shown above. (Scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)


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Le avventure di Carlo Monterossi“Le avventure di Carlo Monterossi” novels by Alessandro Robecchi

Gereon Rath Mysteries“Gereon Rath Mysteries” novels by Volker Kutscher

Babylon Berlin, Haven of Grace & The Roots of Evil Topline April Slate on MHz Choice
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