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Prime Video has set the global premiere date for the wacky Christmas comedy film Dealing with Christmas, starring Eric Judor and Ragnar le Breton.

Dealing with Christmas (Un stupéfiant Noël)
Dealing with Christmas (Un stupéfiant Noël) — Photo courtesy of Prime Video

Reminiscent of films like Freaky Friday, Dealing with Christmas (Un stupéfiant Noël) opens on Christmas Eve. Greg (Matthias Quiviger, aka Ragnar le Breton, Medellin, Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom), a cop, doesn’t give a second thought to leaving his young daughter once again because of work. To teach him a lesson, Santa Claus grants Greg’s daughter’s wish: that her father look like Richard Silestone (Eric Judor, Represent, Weekend Family), the good-natured but heavily-indebted family man from the Christmas movie she adores.

While Greg is sent into the make-believe world, Richard lands in the real world. Upon waking, both men realize they have no choice but to complete each other’s missions to reclaim their respective lives; Richard must dismantle a dangerous drug network for Richard, while Richard must win the local figure skating competition to save Greg’s home.

Dealing with Christmas premieres globally on Friday, December 8, exclusively on Prime Video.

The cast includes Arthur Sanigou (the film’s director and co-writer), Alex Lutz (Killer Coaster), Laura Felpin (Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom), Paul Deby (Love and Trouble in Paris), Catherine Hosmalin (Deadly Tropics), Bruno Sanches (Munch), Hafid Benamar (How I Became a Super Hero), and Monsieur Poulpe (Budapest).


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Dealing with Christmas: Prime Video Sets Premiere Date for French Christmas Comedy