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German period drama The Interpreter of Silence is set for its US premiere.

The Interpreter of Silence
The Interpreter of Silence — Photo courtesy of Hulu

Adapted from the international best-selling novel The German House by Annette Hess, The Interpreter of Silence (Deutsches Haus) follows Eva Bruhns (Katharina Stark, Tatort: Munich, The Team), a naive 24-year-old woman who works as a Polish-to-German interpreter in 1963 Frankfurt.

Eva lives with her parents, Ludwig (Hans-Jochen Wagner, Tatort, Our Miracle Years) and Edith Bruhns (Anke Engelke, Deutschland 89, The Last Word), who run the restaurant Deutsches Haus, and is about to get engaged to Jürgen Schoormann (Thomas Prenn, Biohackers, Tatort: Cologne), a wealthy mail-order company heir.

One day Eva receives a last-minute request from the public prosecutor’s office to interpret in court, as the city is preparing its first Auschwitz trial of former SS officers. Her parents and fiancé-to-be strongly disapprove, but Eva has never heard of Auschwitz before and something inside her compels her to ignore their misgivings and accept the job. It is only when Eva starts interpreting that she is confronted with the shocking truth of the Holocaust and grasps the extent of the National Socialist killing machine. Her interpreting reveals the crimes, suffering, and guilt that have been suppressed and hidden under Germany’s post-war prosperity, and Eva gradually comes to realize her own family’s entanglements in this history and their connection to this place.

Here is the trailer in the original German.

And here is the English-dubbed version.

The Interpreter of Silence, a Hulu Original Series, premieres in the US tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15, exclusively on Hulu. Internationally, it debuts on Disney+ on the same date.

The five-part miniseries costars Ricarda Seifried (King of Stonks), Max von der Groeben (Tatort: Munich), Aaron Altaras (Berlin Legal), Sabin Tambrea (Babylon Berlin), Heiner Lauterbach (Line of Separation), and Iris Berben (The Typist).


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The Interpreter of Silence: German Period Drama Set for US Premiere