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Netflix has set the global premiere date for Dear Child, a new German psychological thriller limited series.

Dear Child
Dear Child: Kim Riedle, Naila Schuberth as Hannah, Sammy Schrein as Jonathan — Photo courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Based on Dear Child, the international best-selling novel by Romy Hausmann, the TV limited series Dear Child (Liebes Kind) opens with Lena finally escaping her captor — but is breaking free actually liberating?

The story starts in the past, when Lena, a young woman, and the children Hannah and Jonathan are living in a highly-secured house, completely isolated from the rest of the world. They eat their meals, use the toilet, and go to bed according to a strict schedule. As soon as he enters the room, they line up and present their hands — to show that their nails are clean and that nothing is hidden in their hands that they could use to harm themselves or others. They do everything he says.

Then Lena manages to escape. After a car accident leaves her severely injured, she is taken to hospital with Hannah at her side. This is the night the true extent of this nightmare is revealed — when Lena’s parents arrive after spending thirteen years frantically searching for their daughter…

Dear Child, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, September 7, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The cast includes Kim Riedle (Skylines), Naila Schuberth (Bird Box Barcelona), Sammy Schrein (St. Maik), Hans Löw (Charité), Haley Louise Jones (Professor T.), Justus von Dohnányi (In the Shadow of Fear), Julika Jenkins (Dark), Birge Schade (The Nordic Murders), Christian Beermann (Charité), Seraphina Maria Schweiger (The End of Innocence), Özgür Karadeniz (The Gryphon), and Jeanne Goursaud (Barbarians).

A production of Constantin Television, Dear Child is co-directed by head writer Isabel Kleefeld (The Informer: The Lisbon Case) and writer Julian Pörksen (Whatever Happens Next). The producers are Tom Spiess and Friederich Oetker.


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Dear Child: Netflix Sets Premiere Date for German Psychological Thriller
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