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Viaplay’s streaming schedule for summer 2023 in North America includes Nordic noir dramas from Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.

Face to Face S3
Face to Face: Lars Mikkelsen as Holger Lang, Søren Malling as Richard — Photo credit: Henrik Ohsten, courtesy of Viaplay

Following up on yesterday’s piece regarding Viaplay’s June 2023 slate, today we give you three more titles that will launch in North America this summer on Nordic streaming service Viaplay.

Black Sands (Svörtu sandar) (Iceland)

Aldís Amah Hamilton (Fractures, Katla, The Valhalla Murders) stars in this Nordic noir crime thriller as Anita, a troubled police officer who, after being forced to resign from her job in Reykjavik, returns to her hometown near Iceland’s famous black sands. After being away for more than a dozen years, she dreads seeing the locals again, not the least of which is her abusive mother, Elin (Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir, Stella Blómkvist, Trapped).

When the body of a young woman is found on the beach, Anita is called back to duty and works on what turns out to be her first case: the seemingly accidental death of a tourist, who, like many others, probably fell from the cliff while taking a photograph. At least that’s the conclusion of Ragnar (Þór Tulinius, The Valhalla Murders, Trapped), the police chief, and Salómon (Kolbeinn Arnbjörnsson, Case, The Lava Field), the local doctor. However, new developments point to death by misadventure as not being the cause of the woman’s death, but murder — and link this case to numerous others that went unsolved or where deaths were labeled as accidents. Then there’s another dead body and Anita’s discovery that a serial killer has been at work here, disguising murders as accidents for years…

Costars include Ævar Þór Benediktsson (The Court), Lára Jóhanna Jónsdóttir (Trapped), Aron Már Ólafsson (Trapped), Ania Powazka (Stella Blómkvist), and Hanna María Karlsdóttir (The Valhalla Murders), amongst others.

Black Sands premieres in the US and Canada on Thursday, July 20.

Fenris (Norway)

The noir continues in this dark, atmospheric Scandi crime drama that follows mysterious disappearances in a small town in Norway and one woman’s search for the truth. When young Daniel vanishes, rumors that wolves are responsible immediately swirl amongst the locals. Meanwhile, biologist Emma Salomonsen (Ida Elise Broch, Home for Christmas, A Storm for Christmas) and her son, Leo (Viljar Knutsen Bjaadal, Dancing Queen), are in Østbygda to visit her father, Marius (Magnus Krepper, Before We Die), a controversial wolf researcher. When Emma discovers Daniel’s bloody jacket in Marius’s home, and then he disappears, as well, Emma is forced to rely on her own instincts and understanding of wolves to uncover the dark truth.

Costars include Jan Gunnar Røise (Pernille), Jonas Strand Gravli (Ragnarok), Julia Schacht (The Machinery), Cengiz Al (Dancing Queen), Øystein Røger (Aber Bergen), and Ingjerd Egeberg (Mammon), amongst others.

Fenris premieres in the US and Canada on Thursday, August 17.

Face to Face: Season 3 (Forhøret) (Denmark)

Sending off this intense, psychological drama is a who’s who of Nordic TV, starting with International Emmy® Awards winner Lars Mikkelsen (The Dreamer – Becoming Karen Blixen, Borgen, Ride Upon the Storm), who leads the cast of the show’s third and final season as billionaire entrepreneur Holger Lang, the head of Lang Enterprises. After he watches in horror a video of the brutal murder of Christina (Alma Ekehed Thomsen), his protégé and potential heir to the company, Holger becomes enraged — confronting and questioning his colleagues, friends and enemies, and even family, in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth.

Costars include Pilou Asbaek (Games of Thrones, The Investigation), Olaf Johannessen (Trom, Follow the Money), Evin Ahmad (Snabba Cash, The Rain), Nicholas Bro (The Kingdom, DNA), Albert Arthur Amiryan (Powder Keg), Jakob Oftebro (Agent Hamilton, Betrayed), Josephine Park (The Nurse, Baby Fever), Søren Malling (Borgen, The Investigation), Sverrir Gudnason (Love Me, Borg vs. McEnroe), Lene Maria Christensen (Pros and Cons, The Legacy), Solbjørg Højfeldt (The Kingdom, Ride Upon the Storm), and Lars Brygmann (Dicte, Unit One).

Fenris premieres in the US and Canada on Thursday, August 31.


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Black Sands, Fenris & Final Season of Face to Face Coming to Viaplay This Summer
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