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Netflix has set the premiere date for The Patients of Dr. Garcia (Los pacientes del doctor García), a new period spy thriller series from Spain.

The Patients of Dr. Garcia
The Patients of Dr. Garcia: Tamar Novas as Manuel Arroyo, Javier Rey as Dr. Guillermo García — Photo courtesy of Netflix

Adapted from the best-selling, award-winning novel Los pacientes del doctor García, Book 4 in Almudena Grandes’s “Episodios de una guerra interminable” (“Episodes of an Endless War) five-book series, The Patients of Dr. Garcia blends real and fictional events of World War II and the regime of Generalissimo Francisco Franco to tell the story of two men who infiltrate a clandestine network that helps Nazis settle in Spain and Latin America.

Leading the cast of the ten-episode period drama-spy thriller are Javier Rey (Velvet, Hache, Liar), Tamar Novas (The Mess You Leave Behind, High Seas, Cocaine Coast), and Verónica Echegui (Intimacy, 3 Caminos, Fortitude).

Following the Spanish Civil War, which ended the Spanish democratic republic and put Franco in power, Dr. Guillermo Garcia (Javier Rey) continues living in Madrid, but under a false identity. He owes his freedom to his best friend, Manuel Arroyo (Tamar Novas), a Republican diplomat whose life Guillermo saved in 1937 and who’s been living in exile.

When Manuel returns nearly a decade later, he enlists Guillermo’s help on a secret and dangerous mission: Manuel intends to infiltrate a clandestine network led by Madrid-based Clara Stauffer (Eva Llorach, Elite, The Chalk Line), a German-Spanish Nazi and Falangist who assists war criminals and fugitives from the Third Reich to settle safely in Spain and Latin America, often in Argentina.

To move his plan forward, Manuel poses as Adrián Gallardo, a Spaniard who had his moment of glory as a professional boxer. But Manuel’s plan goes sideways, as the allies are after Gallardo because of his involvement in massacres committed by the SS. Meanwhile, the real Adrián is scraping by in Germany, unaware that someone is impersonating him in order to flee to Perón’s Argentina. When Gallardo returns to Madrid, he puts the entire mission and the lives of the infiltrators in grave danger.

The Patients of Dr. Garcia premieres in the US and others of Netflix’s territories on Friday, April 28, on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.) For viewers in Spain, Los pacientes del doctor García premieres today, April 19, on La 1 de TVE (Televisión Española) starting at 10:50 PM local time.

The cast includes Marabina Jaimes (High Heat), Martina Gusmán (El marginal), Stephanie Cayo (Club de Cuervos), Itziar Atienza (Wrong Side of the Tracks), Claudia Traisac (Unauthorized Living), Mario de la Rosa (Money Heist), Marius Biegai (An Unknown Enemy), Nancho Novo (The Cook of Castamar), Enrique Villén (I Don’t Like Driving), Eduard Farelo (Gigantes), Luis Bermejo (High Seas), Daniel Albaladejo (The Longest Night), and Raúl Jiménez (The Paramedic), amongst others.

The Patients of Dr. Garcia is a co-production between RTVE, Diagonal (Banijay Iberia) and DeAPlaneta, with the participation of Netflix.


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The Patients of Dr. Garcia: Netflix Sets Premiere Date for Spanish Period Spy Thriller Series