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Netflix has released the official, English-subtitled trailer for Muted, a new psychological thriller series from Spain. Check it out.

Muted (El silencio)
Muted (El silencio): Arón Piper as Sergio — Photo credit: Lander Larrañaga / Netflix © 2022

Arón Piper (Elite, The Mess You Leave Behind, Code Name Emperor) stars in Muted (El silencio) as Sergio Ciscar, a young man who has spent six years behind bars for killing his parents when he was still a minor. Since his parents’ deaths, Sergio, nicknamed the “Balcony Murderer,” hasn’t spoken a single word to anyone, and his motivations for the crime remain a mystery.

After Sergio is released early from prison, he must wear an electronic monitoring device and have his movements and actions tracked, even at the home he inherited from his parents, where surveillance cameras are set up. Conducting the daily monitoring and behavioral analysis of Sergio are Ana (Almudena Amor, The Grandmother), a young psychiatrist, and members of her team, as they are tasked with determining his current psychological state and the level of danger he poses.

One thing Ana didn’t count on is the appearance of Marta (Cristina Kovani, If Only) in Sergio’s life. If Marta gets him to open up, it would be a breakthrough. So Ana enlists Marta’s help — despite the danger that she puts the girl in with the known murderer.

Muted, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Friday, May 19, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

The cast includes Manu Ríos (Elite), Aitor Luna (Valeria), Ramiro Blas (Locked Up), Aria Bedmar (Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War), and Mikel Losada (Intimacy).


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Muted: Netflix Drops Trailer for Spanish Psychological Thriller Series
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