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Netflix announced today the global premiere date for The Nurse, a Danish true-crime limited series starring Josephine Park and Fanny Bernth. Check out the teaser.

The Nurse
The Nurse — Photo Credit: Tine Harden

Based on Kristian Corfixen’s award-winning nonfiction true-crime book The Nurse: The True Story Behind One of Scandinavia’s Most Notorious Criminal Trials, The Nurse (Sygeplejersken) tells the true story of the Danish nurse who was convicted of the attempted manslaughter of four patients.

The four-episode limited series stars Josephine Park (Baby Fever, Darkness: Those Who Kill, The Investigation), Fanny Bernth (Ride Upon the Storm, The New Nurses, Dicte), Amalie Lindegård (Baby Fever), Peter Zandersen (Borgen), and Dick Kaysø (Unit One).

Located in the outskirts of Denmark is Nykøbing Falster Hospital, a place where everyone knows each other and personnel turnover is pretty low. Pernille Kurzmann (Fanny Bernth) recently started working here as a nurse, and she’s already hit it off with Christina Aistrup Hansen (Park), a charming and charismatic nurse who seems to be one of a kind — loved by everyone, incredible at her job, and always first on the spot in an emergency.

But as the days go by and Pernille gets to know her way around the hospital, she slowly starts seeing that there might be more to Christina than meets the eye. Ultimately, Pernille decides that she cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in front of her anymore, and she sets out to uncover the truth.

The Nurse, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, April 27, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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The Nurse: Netflix Sets Premiere Date for Danish True-Crime Thriller Series
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