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Prime Video has set the global premiere date for No Traces, a new action-crime comedy series from Spain. Check out the (non-English-subtitled) trailer.

No Traces (Sin Huellas)
No Traces (Sin Huellas): Carolina Yuste as Desi, Camila Sodi as Cata — Photo © Prime Video & Amazon Studios

Spanish actress Carolina Yuste (Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War, Sky High, Drug Squad: Costa del Sol) and Mexican actress Camila Sodi (Luis Miguel: The Series, False Identity, Wild District) lead the cast of No Traces (Sin huellas), which looks to be rather fun.

The eight-episode series follows gitana Desi (Carolina Yuste) and mexicana Cata (Camila Sodi), now-former employees of a cleaning company who were fired overnight. Barely scraping by, with just enough money to get through the month, they need a miracle.

And they get one in the form of a phone call: They are asked to clean the mansion of the Rosellós, one of the most powerful families in Alicante. Great! Everything is going well until they find a woman’s dead body. What the what?!?

Since they just cleaned the crime scene and left it spotless, Desi and Cata are the perfect suspects. So of course the police are after them. But so are Russian hitmen, a family of millionaires, and an ex-husband with a mariachi band.

How will Desi and Cata get themselves out of this mess?

No Traces premieres globally on Friday, March 17, exclusively on Prime Video. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)

Costars in the series include Silvia Alonso (Morocco: Love in Times of War), Borja Luna (Cable Girls), Álex Gadea (Toy Boy), Adrian Grösser (Merlí), Adriana Torrebejano (Stories to Stay Awake), Leonardo Ortizgris (The Inmate), and Pastora Vega (Velvet).


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No Traces: Prime Video Sets Premiere Date for Spanish Action-Crime Comedy Series
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