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Paramount+ announced today the US premiere date for Bosé, the biopic series based on the life of legendary singer-songwriter Miguel Bosé.

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When I included Bosé in the list of November 2022 premieres, I was mistaken in thinking it was a global premiere. The series actually debuted earlier this month in Latin America only, where it became one of the top scripted series on Paramount+. For the US…

Bosé, a Paramount+ Original, premieres in the US on Thursday, December 1, exclusively on Paramount+. All six episodes of the biopic series will be available to stream in Spanish and dubbed in English at launch.

The series stars José Pastor (La otra mirada) and Iván Sánchez (You Cannot Hide) as Miguel Bosé at different moments of his life.

From the time of his birth, Miguel Bosé was destined for greatness, despite the rigid conventions imposed by Spain in the 1960s. He was blessed with the strong character of his father, a traditional and prominent figure in Spanish bullfighting; the beauty of his mother, a sophisticated and modern Italian movie star; and the rebelliousness and elegance of both parents. When their tumultuous relationship ended after thirteen years in 1968, Bosé was just 11 years old, and the divorce had a huge impact on him — serving as a catalyst to transform him into the disruptive artist the world would meet a decade later.

Surrounded by a halo of mystery, Bosé has always been very private. For the first time and exclusively on Paramount+, Bosé the series reveals the singer-songwriter’s strengths and weaknesses and gives audiences an intimate look at his life. Each episode focuses on a different Miguel Bosé song and journeys to pivotal moments in his life. The series’ present-day timeline takes place during the promotion of his multi-platinum album Papito, a special moment for Miguel when he decides to make a long-delayed dream come true: to be a father.

The series’ cast includes Nacho Fresneda (The Ministry of Time) as Bosé’s father, Luis Miguel Dominguín; Valeria Solarino (Rocco Schiavone) as Bosé’s mother, Lucía Bosé; Alicia Borrachero (Morocco: Love in Times of War) as La Tata, a pivotal figure in Miguel Bosé’s life; Ana Jara (Días mejores) as the singer’s best friend; José Sospedra (Velvet Colección) as Pablo Alborch; Miguel Ángel Muñoz (Presumed Guilty) as singer Julio Iglesias; and Mariela Garriga (The Alligator) as Facio.

Produced by Paramount in collaboration with Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia), Elefantec Global, and Legacy Rock, the series was directed by Miguel Bardem and Fernando Trullols, and written by Ángeles González Sinde, Isabel Vázquez and Boris Izaguirre.


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Bosé: Paramount+ Sets US Premiere Date for Spanish Biopic Series
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