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Prime Video has set the global premiere date for political satire series Top Notch, Amazon’s first Original series from Sweden.

Top Notch
Top Notch — Photo © FLX, courtesy of Prime Video

The first-ever Swedish Amazon Original is Top Notch (Toppen), a political satire series that follows an overambitious press secretary who tries to get her self-absorbed boss from being the Welfare Minister to Sweden’s new prime minister. Starring in the lead roles are Sissela Benn (Wallander), Klara Hodell (Knutby), and Robert Gustafsson (The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, The Truth Will Out).

Top Notch premieres globally in more than 240 countries and territories on Friday, December 2, exclusively on Prime Video. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)

Set during an election year in Sweden, the series see the ruling socialist party, Demokratiska Samlingspartiet (DSP), struggling in the opinion polls as voter support is falling. With only six months left until election day, they are fighting hard to maintain their hold on power.

Ambitious press secretary Lisa (Klara Hodell) works in the Ministry of Welfare, a weak populist initiative by the government and the entire Riksdag (Swedish legislature) to show that they actually care about welfare. Every day Lisa struggles to get her self-absorbed boss, Roxanne (Sissela Benn), to perform at her peak and keep her smiling for the cameras. Then, like a bolt from the blue, they get an impossible request from the party’s spin doctor, the hard-nosed election general Kaminsky (Robert Gustafsson):  Roxanne will be the leading candidate in this year’s election. Let the journey to the top job begin!

Costars in the six-episode, half-hour comedy series include Eric Stern (Bonus Family), Daniel Hallberg (Clark), Christopher Wollter (Modus), and Leif Andrée (Real Humans), with Dag Malmberg (The Bridge) making a guest appearance.

A production of Amazon Studios and FLX (Love & Anarchy), Top Notch is created by executive producer Jessica Ericstam (The Simple Heist) and lead writer Adrian Boberg (Bert). The writing team includes Anna Granath (Högklackat), Jacob Seth Fransson (Bonus Family), and Sara Haag (Full patte), who serves as director. The producer is Anna Carlsten (Anxious People).


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Top Notch: Prime Video Sets Premiere Date for First Swedish Amazon Original Series
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