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The English-subtitled trailer for Season 2 of Barbarians is intense, and it makes me wish the show were returning tomorrow instead of three weeks from now. Check it out!

Barbarians S2 Laurence Rupp
Barbarians: Laurence Rupp as Ari — Photo by Krzysztof Wiktor © Netflix

The first season of Barbarians caught me by surprise with how good it was. It’s not that I had low expectations for it; it’s more that I didn’t know what to expect. I just hoped I wasn’t going to be spending precious time I couldn’t get back on a show that turned out to be meh. Well, Barbarians turned out to be freaking awesome!

In a nutshell, Season 1 revolves around the Roman occupation of Germania and the uprising by a united army of previously-divided Germanic tribes to defeat the Romans at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. The driving force behind the uprising are secret couple Thusnelda (Jeanne Goursaud, Para – We Are King) and Folkwin (David Schütter, 4 Blocks) of the Cherusci tribe — and Roman soldier Arminius (Laurence Rupp, Murder by the Lake), actually Cheruscan by birth, who was best friends with them before his father used him as a political pawn and gave him to the Romans when Ari was a child.

In Season 2, the victory has allowed the natives of Germania to live in peace, but Roman troops return a year after the battle, and they are stronger than ever. So Thusnelda and Ari set about to unite the tribes against Rome again, only there are obstacles and complications. Ari wants to become the king of all the tribes, but a rival stands in his way. Then there’s Ari’s brother, who has joined the Roman side in order to punish him for his betrayal of Rome. Meanwhile, Folkwin ominously challenges the gods…

Joining the Season 2 cast are Daniel Donskoy (St. Maik) as Flavus, Murathan Muslu (Skylines) as Marbod, Cynthia Micas (Professor T.) as Dido, Katharina Heyer (Charité) as Odarike, Alessandro Fella (Paradise) as Germanicus, and Giovanni Carta (Mafia Only Kills in Summer) as Tiberius. Bernhard Schütz (Babylon Berlin) returns as Segestes.

Barbarians: Season 2, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Friday, October 21, exclusively on Netflix.


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Barbarians: Netflix Drops Intense Trailer for German Historical Drama’s Second Season
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