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It won’t be long now, folks. The wait for Entrapped, the highly-anticipated sequel series to the hit Icelandic crime drama Trapped, will soon be over. Check out the trailer!

Entrapped - Andri & Hinrika
Entrapped: Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir as Hinrika, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Andri — Photo by Lilja Jonsdottir, courtesy of Netflix

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (The Minister, The Tourist) and Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir (Trapped, Sisterhood) reprise their roles as Icelandic cops Andri and Hinrika in Nordic noir crime drama Entrapped, joined in the cast by Egill Ólafsson (The Court), Haraldur Stefánsson (Katla), Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (Fortitude), and Danish actor Thomas Bo Larsen (Follow the Money).

Entrapped picks up two years after the Trapped: Season 2 finale, with Andri and Hinrika investigating the murder of a cult member linked to a land dispute and a woman’s 2013 disappearance. In so doing, they get drawn into a war in the remote highlands, where two rival groups fight over specific pieces of land, but for very different reasons.

Members of the Extended Family, a peaceful, neopagan sect led by its founder and spiritual leader, Oddur (Egill Ólafsson), have raised camp on the land, see the land as sacred, and want to remain here to be close to their heathen gods. Also laying claim to the sacred site is a group of Icelandic bikers led by an angry young man, Gunnar (Haraldur Stefánsson). In order to take ownership of the land, Gunnar calls for backup, and soon a group of Danish bikers, led by Hopper (Thomas Bo Larsen), arrives by ferry.

The clash between the sect and the biker gang leads to the death of a young man who was known to Andri, the discovery of multiple dead bodies, and more…

Created by the multiple award-winning producer-writer-director Baltasar Kormákur (Katla, Trapped, Jar City), Entrapped, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Thursday, September 8, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Entrapped: Netflix Sets Premiere Date, Drops Trailer for New Icelandic Crime Drama Series
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