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HBO has announced that Emmy® Award winner Paul Giamatti has joined the cast of Spanish supernatural-horror series 30 Coins for its second season.

Paul Giamatti 30 Coins S2
30 Coins: Paul Giamatti — Photo courtesy of HBO

Currently in production, Season 2 of 30 Coins (30 Monedas) will see Paul Giamatti (Billions, John Adams, American Splendor) starring as Christian Barbrow, an American tech and business billionaire, science guru, writer of sci-fi novels, and head of a mysterious “Brotherhood” that counts amongst its members the world’s elite. He is the ultimate disruptor, but nobody knows his true intentions.

Giamatti joins returning cast members Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Sky Rojo, Velvet), Megan Montaner (Velvet Colección, The Embassy), and Eduard Fernández (Criminal: Spain, The Zone), as well as new cast member Najwa Nimri (Money Heist, Locked Up).

Following the events in Season 1, the new season finds most of the people of Pedraza have lost their minds, confined to a psychiatric hospital. Elena (Megan Montaner) lies in a coma in a Madrid hospital, and Paco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), shattered by remorse, tries to take care of her. As horror grows around them, our heroes must face a new enemy — someone so perverse that even the devil fears him.

30 Coins
30 Coins: Megan Montaner as Elena and Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Paco — Photo by Manolo Pavon/HBO Nordic

But what about Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández)? Has he died, along with his archenemy, Cardinal Santoro (Manolo Solo)? Where do they hide, the tortured souls?

30 Coins
30 Coins: Eduard Fernández as Padre Vergara — Photo by Manolo Pavon/HBO Nordic

Said Director Álex de la Iglesia about the casting:

“Paul Giamatti is probably one of the best actors in the American film industry. HBO has brought me the incredible opportunity of working with him. I would also like to thank his team who, fortunately, knew my filmography. I appreciate the trust placed in me.”

A production of Pokeepsie Films (Banijay Iberia) for HBO Max, 30 Coins is directed by Álex de la Iglesia (The Oxford Murders) and co-written by Álex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarría (Outlaws). The Executive Producers for HBO Max are Steve Matthews, Miguel Salvat, and Antony Root. Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang are Executive Producers for Pokeepsie Films. Production services for the second season of 30 Coins are provided by Anciana Milenaria S.L., a Pokeepsie Films company.

30 Coins: Season 2 will be available to stream on HBO Max worldwide in 2023 and will debut on HBO in the US. Stay tuned for updates.

Season 1 is currently streaming globally on HBO Max. If you haven’t seen it yet, take it from this typically horror-averse viewer and watch it cos it is awesome.


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30 Coins: Paul Giamatti Joins Season 2 of Spanish Supernatural-Horror Series
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