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Netflix announced today the global release date for Intimacy, the streamer’s new Original drama from Spain. Check out the teaser.

Intimacy — Photo by David Herranz, courtesy of Netflix

The latest Spanish Netflix Original series, Intimacy (Intimidad), follows the lives of four women who are forced to tread the fine line between what belongs to one’s public versus one’s private life, after a sex tape of a politician with a promising future is leaked to the press.

Intimacy, a Netflix Original, premieres globally on Friday, June 10, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Key cast members include Itziar Ituño (Money Heist, Lifeline), Patricia López Arnaiz (The Plague, Feria), Emma Suárez (Criminal: Spain, The Zone), Verónica Echegui (3 Caminos, Fortitude), Ana Wagener (The Innocent, Felix), and Yune Nogueiras (Coven).

Created by Verónica Fernández (Hache, Velvet Colección) and Laura Sarmiento (The Embassy, The Zone), the story unfolds over eight episodes and asks, “Where are the boundaries of intimacy? What happens to our lives when our privacy becomes the topic of everyone’s conversation.?”

Said Verónica Fernández:

“Life changes in an instant… in a click, in the sound of a message being sent. Your private life stops being private and becomes public in milliseconds. Someone presses a button and suddenly unleashes an uncontrollable hurricane. And like an epidemic, your privacy travels at immeasurable speed from screen to screen. The helplessness that these new times produce, and the feeling that the boundaries of intimacy and privacy are invisible to many are the DNA of this series.”

Added Laura Sarmiento:

Intimacy is a story about the image we choose to project and its mismatch with reality. The characters in the series live, as we do, in a world in which the margins of what is private and what is public are erratic, variable, strange. The series also tells how exposing the privacy of others is not anecdotal, but potentially devastating for the victim. It is often justified by blaming the victim. The series speaks of this injustice as an impediment for people whose privacy has been violated to raise their voices.”

A production of Txintxua Films for Netflix, the series is directed by Jorge Torregrossa (Elite, Cocaine Coast), Ben Gutteridge (Holby City, Hollyoaks), Marta Font (Mira lo que has hecho), and Koldo Almandoz (The Deer).


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Intimacy: Netflix Sets Global Release Date for New Spanish Drama
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