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Get your binge on, stateside Euro TV fans. Swedish mystery-crime thriller The Truth Will Out is back with another intricate story that will keep you glued to your screen.

The Truth Will Out S2
The Truth Will Out: (L-R) Louise Peterhoff as Caijsa Bergholm, Ingela Olsson as Ulla Ståhlnacke, Ia Langhammer as Barbro Svensson, Robert Gustafsson as Peter Wendel — Photo Credit: Lukas Šalna / Acorn TV

As with the story in Season 1, the one in Season 2 of The Truth Will Out (Det som göms i snö) is gripping, inspired by a real person and actual events.

Unlikely hero Peter Wendel (Robert Gustafsson, The Unlikely Murderer, The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared) is still mourning the death of his brother, Urban, a fellow cop — the result of an act that he believes wasn’t suicide. Peter’s mental state is better than it was, but still on the fragile side, as he continues to have visions of Urban as a young boy.

Work isn’t much better. His Cold Case Unit is still disrespected, still working out of a windowless office in the bowels of the Stockholm police station, and still understaffed. His only team members remain former admin Barbro (Ia Langhammer, Älska mig/Love Me), a now-pregnant Caijsa (Louise Peterhoff, Blue Eyes), and Jorma (Christopher Wagelin, Thin Ice), who returns after a stint doing real estate.

With the exception of Caijsa, who is deep in an unsolved murder case, it’s all very uneventful for the Cold Case Unit until one fateful evening, after Peter meets up for drinks with a few cops who had worked with Urban. One of them is murdered. Once the homicide investigation gets underway, it is discovered that the victim was in possession of police files — cold case files — that he should not have had. Why?

To Peter, this isn’t the only odd thing. In his eyes, Stockholm Police Commissioner Ludvig “Ludde” Larsson (Samuel Fröler, Rebecka Martinsson), a man lauded by many and praised in the press for his work against sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and violence against women, was acting suspiciously at the onset of the investigation. Again, why?

While Peter and co. engage in an unofficial investigation into Ludde, a 14-year-old girl who has been selling sex is being threatened and physically abused by other girls in the care home where they live. Her calls for help haven’t gotten her what she needs, so now desperate times call for desperate measures.

Then Peter finds himself in the hot seat, after he is caught acting suspiciously. But he is pulled out of the fire by an unlikely someone whose handiwork saves Peter and his team, and provides links between three investigations.

Yes, the truth will out — in this case truths that affect many, but which impact the life of Peter in multiple ways, including one that he would not have ever imagined…

Based on an idea by Swedish criminologist and novelist Leif G.W. Persson (The Dying Detective, Bäckström), the five-episode second season costars returning cast members Ingela Olsson (Young Royals), Tyra Olin (Gåsmamman), Peter Gardiner (Top Dog), Cilla Thorell (Gåsmamman), and Ville Virtanen (Bordertown). New cast members include Inez Dahl Torhaug (UFO Sweden), Celie Sparre (Moscow Noir), Stefan Gödicke (The Sandhamn Murders), and Alexandra Alegren (Gåsmamman).

The Truth Will Out premieres in the US and Canada in its entirety tomorrow, Monday, May 16, exclusively on Acorn TV and its digital channels.

Folks who get Acorn TV through Amazon Channels, you’re in luck. All episodes of The Truth Will Out: Season 2 dropped early and are available for your viewing pleasure right now.


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Euro TV to Watch: Binge-Worthy Season 2 of Nordic Noir Mystery Thriller ‘The Truth Will Out’