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Netflix has set the premiere date for its latest sports documentary, the Finland-UK co-produced short film Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive.

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive
Johanna Nordblad in Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive — Photo courtesy of Netflix

The 40-minute documentary short Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive follows Finnish free diver Johanna Nordblad as she attempts to break the world record for distance traveled under ice with one breath.

Before she began ice diving, Nordblad broke records in free diving — a form of diving in which a diver holds their breath for the duration of a dive until they resurface, instead of using any sort of scuba/breathing gear. Her records-breaking achievements include the World Championships record for females in free diving with fins (swimming 158 meters in 6 minutes and 39 seconds) in 2004, and the Guinness World Record for females for free diving 50 meters under the ice in 2° Centigrade water (wearing only a swimsuit and mask!) in 2015.

(I’m shivering just watching her in the trailer below.)

The short film is directed by Ian Derry, whose previous work includes the four-minute short Johanna, which also follows Nordblad.

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Tuesday, May 3, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive: Netflix Sets Premiere Date for Finnish Sports Documentary