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Don’t let the 10-minute runtime per episode fool you. Fin Ar Bed is as suspenseful and intriguing as its longer-form counterparts, and it’s streaming now in the US and Canada.

Fin Ar Bed
Fin Ar Bed: Kaou Langoët as Klet, Nolween Korbell as Marie, and Roger Stéphan as Fañch — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Fin Ar Bed (At the End of the World) is a little gem of a series.

The first Euro TV program in the Breton language to be shown on this side of the Atlantic, this seven-episode short-form drama from France follows three strangers whose lives intersect on the remote roads of Brittany.

One is Klet (Kaou Langoët, Meurtres à La Pointe du Raz), a petty criminal whose thievery seemingly knows no bounds. Another is Marie (Nolween Korbell, Doc Martin), an ambitious business executive with a new job in Paris waiting for her. Lastly there’s Fañch (Roger Stéphan, Dies Irae), an elderly gentleman moving out of the home he has put up for sale.

Under ordinary circumstances, the likelihood that these three would ever meet would have been slim. But fate has something else in mind and brings them together.

Klet has stolen something valuable, and he is now being pursued by another man who is willing to kill him for it. Meanwhile, Marie has discovered that her marriage isn’t as hunky dory as she thought it was, so she leaves her home and her husband, at least momentarily, outraged and hurt. And Fañch is set to settle down in a retirement home, until what he sees awaiting him in his room frightens him so much, he runs out of the place, never to return.

As each of them hightails it from his/her tormentor, their paths converge. At Marie’s car — where an injured Klet forces his way in, where the hitchhiking Fañch makes himself comfy, and where a stunned Marie finds herself a carjacking victim escaping from a would-be killer with two men she’s never met.

It’s three days that Marie, Klet, and Fañch are together — during which they help each other, get drunk together, and ultimately say goodbye at the end of the world.

Fin Ar Bed premiered in its entirety in the US and Canada today, Tuesday, March 1, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Check it out!


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Euro TV to Watch: Suspense-Filled Breton-Language Short-Form Drama ‘Fin Ar Bed’
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