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MHz Choice has announced its slate for March 2022, which includes new and returning titles from Spain and France.

Spitfire: Queralt Albinyana and Joan Miquel Artigues — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

From Western Europe to the Caribbean, international TV streamer MHz Choice takes viewers on a mini-tour of Spain, France, and an island territory of the French Republic through the shows on its slate for March 2022.

Both crime drama Spitfire and thriller Gàbia – Operation Cage bring us to Mallorca, Spain, with the latter being in Castilian Spanish and the former in Catalan. Regarding the French titles, the long-running crime drama Cherif takes us to Lyon; the popular police dramedy Deadly Tropics to Martinique; the mystery thriller Fin Ar Bed to Brittany; and a new season of detective drama Tandem back to Montpellier.

The full schedule and program details are below.

Cherif: Seasons 1 & 2 (France)

This long-running crime drama stars Abdelhafid Metalsi (Spiral) as Captain Kader Cherif, a brilliant and eccentric detective with the Lyon Crime Squad — a role for which he won the Best Actor in a French Series Award at Series Mania for the show’s first season. A local who grew up on cop shows like Kojak and Starsky and Hutch, Cherif knows Lyon like no other and takes street-wise measures to solve crimes. While this has earned him success and praise with his colleagues, one who doesn’t share their enthusiasm is Captain Adeline Briard (Carole Bianic, Perfect Murders), his ambitious and by-the-book partner.

Cherif: Season 1 debuts on MHz Choice on Tuesday, March 1, followed by Season 2 on March 29.

Fin Ar Bed (At the end of the world) (France)

This short-form thriller (ten minutes per episode) is the first Euro TV series in the Breton language to be shown on this side of the Atlantic. It tells the story of three strangers — clumsy carjacker Klet (Kaou Langoët, Paris-Brest), carjacking victim Marie (Nolween Korbell, Doc Martin), and elderly hitchhiker Fañch (Stéphane Roger, Non-Fiction) — whose lives intersect on the remote roads of Brittany.

Fin Ar Bed premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, March 1.

Spitfire: Season 1 (Treufoc) (Spain)

This dark crime thriller follows Detective Aina Anglada (Queralt Albinyana, Night and Day) as she begrudgingly works with her new partner, Damia (Joan Miquel Artigues, Pep), to find a serial killer before it’s too late — following a grisly trail of body parts like breadcrumbs from the disturbed killer. Meanwhile, within their special police unit, trust is in short supply and the detectives, their commander, and others struggle to work together.

Spitfire premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, March 8.

Gàbia – Operation Cage (La jaula) (Spain)

This two-part thriller is set against the backdrop of the 2009 Palma Nova bombing by ETA, the Basque nationalist and separatist organization. The story follows Xavi (Xavi Núñez, Moebius), who lives on a boat and befriends a tourist couple now stuck on Mallorca during a mandatory lockdown activated in the aftermath of the bombing. As his personal life gets more strained with his daughter and ex-wife, Xavi’s paranoia begins to get the best of him as he suspects his new acquaintances were involved in the attack.

Gàbia - Operation Cage
Gàbia – Operation Cage: Carolina Meijer and Xavier Nuñez — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Gàbia – Operation Cage premieres in the US and Canada on Tuesday, March 15.

Deadly Tropics: Season 1 (Tropiques criminels) (France)

This fun, female-driven police dramedy mystery series follows detectives Mélissa Sainte-Rose (Sonia Rolland, Murder in the Somme) and Gaëlle Crivelli (Béatrice de la Boulaye, The Returned) as they investigate crimes in sun-drenched Martinique.

Deadly Tropics premieres in the US and Canada on March 22.

Tandem: Season 3 (France)

The ex-husband-and-wife detective duo of Léa Soler (Astrid Veillon, Perfect Murders) and Paul Marchal (Stéphane Blancafort, Innocent) have more murders to investigate in Montpellier in the third season of this popular mystery series.

Tandem: Stéphane Blancafort as Paul Marchal and Astrid Veillon as Léa Soler — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Tandem: Season 3 debuts on MHz Choice on Tuesday, March 29.

All of the above titles will be available to screen on MHz Choice in the US and Canada via the MHz Choice website, the streamer’s Android, iOS and other apps, and on its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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Spanish Dramas ‘Spitfire’ & ‘Gabià – Operation Cage’ Topline MHz Choice March 2022 Slate
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