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In a matter of hours, MHz Choice will begin streaming the latest episode of Detective Montalbano. (Hurray!)

Detective Montalbano: The Catalanotti Method
Detective Montalbano: The Catalanotti Method: Luca Zingaretti as Salvo Montalbano — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

It’s nearly time for us to give a big, North American-sized Ciao! to the latest, formerly-final episode of one of the most popular Euro TV series to land on these shores: Detective Montalbano.

Based on the “Inspector Montalbano Mystery” novels by the late, great Andrea Camilleri, the series has been entertaining viewers in Italy, the US, Australia, and other territories with its intricate mysteries, likable characters, and humor, not to mention the gorgeous scenery of Sicily, for 22 years.

And so it is with the show’s 37th episode, “The Catalanotti Method,” which brings the main cast — Luca Zingaretti as Salvo Montalbano, Cesare Bocci as Mimi, Peppino Mazzotta as Fazio, and Angelo Russo as Catarella, as well as Sonia Bergamasco as Livia — back for another Montalbano murder mystery story.

It opens with Salvo being awoken in the middle of the night by Mimi banging on his door. As the modern-day Casanova explains it over an espresso, Mimi had been visiting “a very dear friend” when the latter’s husband returned home early and unexpectedly. To escape notice and not jeopardize his friend’s marriage, Mimi was off to the balcony and then down to the apartment below — where he encountered a man’s corpse.

In the morning, Catarella informs Montalbano of the discovery of a man’s dead body by his maid. Except it isn’t where Salvo and Mimi think it is. It is, though, very familiar looking.

Also familiar is the look in Mimi’s eyes upon the arrival at the crime scene of the new head of forensics, Antonia Nicoletti (Greta Scarano, The Vertical Line, Anti-Mafia Squad). He’s so smitten by the Calabria native that he even hopes there are more homicides so he can work with her more often. But it’s Montalbano who does, as he leads the investigation into the apparent stabbing murder of Carmelo Catalanotti, a Vigàta local, the financier and director of the province’s Trinacria Arte amateur theater company, and a loan shark.

According to those in the know, Catalanotti had a particular, peculiar method of determining whether an actor who wanted to work with him was actually up to the task. He also kept copious notes on his money-lending activities. Could a disgruntled actor or borrower be the culprit behind Catalanotti’s demise? Perhaps.

But then Fazio finds a body…

Adapted from Camilleri’s 26th “Montalbano” novel, The Sicilian Method, the two-hour “The Catalanotti Method” features all of the hallmarks of the series, from the ones mentioned above, to Salvo’s “Avanti,” foodie sensibilities, and long-distance calls with longtime girlfriend Livia, to Catarella crashing through Montalbano’s office door, to the quirky characters involved in the murder mystery. And there’s more besides.

Speaking of more, the latest news out of Italy is that there is more Detective Montalbano to come! Multiple new sources, including the daily newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, quote Angelo Russo confirming two more episodes for the series in a June 2021 interview with Tele Iblea news. These episodes will be based on Camilleri’s The Cook of the Halcyon and Riccardino, the 27th and 28th titles in the “Montalbano” book series. Stay tuned for updates.

Right now, though, we have the next, already-produced episode to look forward to.

As per MHz Choice, “The Catalanotti Method” is the final episode of the series. Apologies for the incorrect information.

Detective Montalbano: The Catalanotti Method premieres in the US and Canada tomorrow, Tuesday, July 6, 2021, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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Detective Montalbano: Latest Episode of Hit Italian Mystery Series Set for US Premiere