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HBO Max announced today the US premiere date for the French-Hebrew psychological crime thriller Possessions, and released its trailer for the series.

Possessions — Image courtesy of HBO Max

Possessions, a Max Original International series, will debut in the US on Thursday, January 28, exclusively on HBO Max.

Directed by BAFTA nominee Thomas Vincent (Bodyguard), the six-episode series tells the story of Nathalie (Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Call My Agent!), a young French expat in Israel who is charged with the murder of her husband on their wedding night. Karim (Reda Kateb, Spiral), a French diplomat in charge of helping French citizens who have to deal with the Israeli authorities, slowly falls for Natalie. He can’t figure out if she is deeply lost and vulnerable or dangerously manipulative. Obsessed with her case, Karim dives into the mysterious past of Natalie and her family.

Written by Shachar Magen (Sirens) in collaboration with Valérie Zenatti (A Bottle in the Gaza Sea), Possessions costars Dominique Valadié (Mafiosa), Ariane Ascaride (Savages), Judith Chemla (Spiral), Noa Koler (Stockholm), Aloïse Sauvage (Trepalium), Tzahi Grad (Our Boys), Roy Nik (Sirens), and Tchéky Karyo (Baptiste).


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Possessions: HBO Max Sets US Premiere Date for French-Hebrew Language Thriller
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