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After postponing the premiere of Biohackers due to the global pandemic, Netflix has set a new date for the German sci-fi thriller’s worldwide debut.

Biohackers — Image courtesy of Netflix

Created by Christian Ditter (Girlboss, Love, Rosie, How to be Single), Biohackers, a Netflix Original series, launches globally on August 20th, exclusively on Netflix.

The six-part sci-fi thriller tells a story about friendship, love, and revenge that is overshadowed by a revolutionary biohacking technology and its ethical implications.

It centers around the rivalry of two women: freshman medical student Mia (Luna Wedler (The Team, The Undertaker) and her adversary, Professor Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz, You Are Wanted, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer), a bio-scientist and famous lecturer.

Enrolled in Freiburg University’s prestigious medical school, Mia’s interest in revolutionary biohacking technology is not limited to scientific interest. Her goal is to gain the trust of star lecturer Prof. Tanja Lorenz, whom Mia suspects was involved in the mysterious death of her brother.

To shed light on the tragedy, Mia enters a dangerous world of illegal genetic experiences. When she meets genius biologist Jasper and his brooding roommate Niklas, Mia is forced to decide between her principles and her feelings, and between avenging her family and protecting her new friends.

Biohackers costars Caro Cult (Babylon Berlin), Adrian Julius Tillmann (Wahrheit), Thomas Prenn (8 Days), Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer (Alle Zeit der Welt), Jing Xiang (Tatort: Munich), and Benno Fürmann (Babylon Berlin).

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Biohackers: Netflix Sets Global Premiere Date for New German Sci-Fi Thriller
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