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With more and more people staying at home across the US and Canada, streaming service Topic has a new promotion that lets you tour the world from your couch.

Topic - Tour the World from Your Couch

Topic, the new streaming service from First Look Media, launched in North America in November 2019, bringing with it the premieres of several Euro TV series. Since then, the streamer has been adding new television and film content every week.

Now that folks in the US and Canada are hunkering down at home (by choice or by order) due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the levels of streaming and linear TV viewing have been going through the roof. So if you don’t already have a subscription to Topic, here’s your opportunity to get in on the goods, add a bunch of shows to your to-watch list, then “tour the world from your couch” for a fraction of the usual sub fee.

For a limited time only, Topic is offering new subscribers a 30-day free trial (4x the usual 7 days) plus a special rate for their first year subscription — $29.99 (50% off the regular rate) — which won’t be billed until after the month-long trial period is up.

Euro TV-wise, here are the shows that Topic has right now:

  • Italian period drama 1992*
  • Finnish-German mystery-crime thriller Arctic Circle
  • Finnish drama Blind Donna (Donna)*
  • Flemish comedy-drama Callboys*
  • Swedish thriller Conspiracy of Silence
  • Swedish drama Honour (Heder)
  • Finnish-Chilean historical drama Invisible Heroes
  • Finnish reality series Jarkko And Deaf America (Jarkko ja kuuro Amerikka)
  • Italian drama The Miracle (Il miracolo)*
  • Swiss drama Monogamish (Seitentriebe)
  • German-Austrian mystery-crime drama Pagan Peak (Der Pass)
  • French drama Philharmonia
  • Danish comedy-drama Pros and Cons (Friheden)
  • Belgian crime thriller Salamander
  • French drama Vernon Subutex

International TV series from the UK and Down Under that are currently available for streaming on Topic include:

  • British drama Capital
  • British short-form comedy Down from London
  • British comedy Enterprice*
  • British thriller Exile
  • Australian comedy-drama F*!#ing Adelaide
  • Australian short-form comedy Goober
  • Australian documentaries Hannah Gadsby’s Nakedy Nudes and Hannah Gadsby’s Oz
  • British-American paranormal thriller The Intruders
  • British reality series Jamie’s American Road Trip, Jamie’s Food Escapes, and Jamie’s Super Food — all starring chef and cookery show presenter Jamie Oliver
  • British reality series Miriam’s Big American Adventure*, starring Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries‘s Miriam Margolyes
  • British reality series Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain*
  • British mystery-crime drama Moses Jones
  • British comedy-drama Not Safe for Work
  • British comedy The Office
  • British drama Run
  • Australian crime thriller Sunshine Kings
  • British drama The Virtues

* Topic exclusive

Topic is available to US and Canadian audiences on Topic.com, Apple iOS, and tvOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, with more apps and devices coming soon. The service is also available on partners’ digital channels, including the Topic channel on Prime Video.

To take advantage of Topic’s “tour the world from your couch” offer, visit https://www.topic.com/tour-the-world.


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SVOD Service Topic Announces ‘Tour the World from Your Couch’ Promotion
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