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The trio of Russian female amateur sleuths is back, and this time they’re trying to solve a murder and a burglary, and to prove a man’s innocence.

A Mousetrap For Three
A Mousetrap For Three: (L-R) Alla Yuganova as Irina, Ekaterina Kopanova as Katya & Yuliya Takshina as Zhanna — Image courtesy of Janson Media

A couple years ago, I recommended the Russian cozy mystery movie A Murder for Three. Unfortunately, it isn’t available anymore.

The good news is two others of the “Three” series of mystery dramedies are available: the telefilm Marathon for Three Graces, and the topic of today’s post: the two-parter A Mousetrap for Three.

Our heroines are three longtime friends: Irina (Alla Yuganova, Dostoevskiy), a remarried mum of a teen daughter; Katya (Ekaterina Kopanova, The Blood Lady), an artist married to an academic; and Zhanna (Yuliya Takshina, Kuba), a single and sexy femme fatale.

Katya’s professor husband, Valik, has been in Africa for six months. No sooner is he back in his apartment building than he finds the dead body of a busybody neighbor and is promptly accused of murder by another one. Irina calls her private investigator husband, Sergey Ivushkin, to find out what’s going on, while Zhanna enlists her latest beau, young lawyer Boris, to defend Valik.

Given what Katya saw in the victim’s apartment as she was flying down the stairs to see Valik before he was carted off to jail, Zhanna concludes the murder was a burglary gone wrong, and Irina declares they need to find proof to show the culprit wasn’t Valik.

So begins the three ladies’ latest crime-solving adventure, which finds Katya and Irina almost killed by a spear and Zhanna going missing.

Meanwhile, Valik is dealing with two cellmates who want him gone, Boris is suspicious of what Zhanna is doing at a hotel, and Ivushkin is on assignment for a German woman who would like him to do more than keep tabs on a business competitor. (Ahem.)

Costars in the dramedy include Aleksandr Makogon (Spacewalk) as Sergey Ivushkin, Nodar Dzhanelidze (Stalingrad) as Valik, and Ilya Demidov (Nevskiy) as Boris.

A Mousetrap for Three is currently available for streaming in the US on Prime Video. (Folks across the pond can stream it on Prime Video UK.)


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