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If you haven’t watched them yet, get thee to MHz Choice pronto and binge the first two episodes of Triggermen. You’re welcome.

Triggermen (Torpederna): Torkel Petersson as Sonny Jakobsson & Leo Razzak as Nima — Image courtesy of MHz Choice

The winner of the 2017 Kristallen Award for Best Comedy Show, Triggermen (Torpederna) is, quite simply, a joy to watch.

The series could have been called Murphy’s Law, because for Sonny Jakobsson (Torkel Petersson, Thicker than Water, 30 Degrees in February), anything that can go wrong usually does.

After spending six years in prison, Sonny is paroled. Now he’s on his way to living the normal life he’s been wanting with Camilla (Liv Mjönes, The Lawyer, Modus), the prison social worker he became involved with three years earlier, and her daughter Lina (Wilma Lidén, Gåsmamman).

Camilla even has a welcome-back-to-the-outside surprise for him: a house. But fate has a surprise for both of them when the sellers get and accept a much higher offer at literally the last minute.

For his part, Sonny is determined to stay on the straight and narrow and has been applying for jobs all over town. But, as he says, being a convicted felon for armed robbery makes people leery of hiring him, even for work doing armed robbery. What’s a reformed ex-criminal to do?

Ask his former partner in crime for help, that’s what.

Except Goran (Dragomir Mrsic, Alex, Before We Die), now a gym owner who goes by Göran, is as corrupt as a businessman as he was as a common criminal. His help, as it were, leads Sonny to Nima (Leo Razzak, Bonus Family), a brash, fast-talking crook who works for Göran.

A match made in heaven, they are not.

(Except when it comes to the laughs, in which case they are.)

The humor in Triggermen is wry and laugh-out-loud funny, the drama relatable. And Sonny and Nima are the best new Swedish duo since Martin and Gunvald. (Their being on opposite sides of the law notwithstanding.)

Season 1 of Triggermen, which costars Jimmy Lindström (Blue Eyes) and Marika Lindström (The Restaurant), premiered yesterday in the US with its first two episodes. The remaining four arrive in pairs on November 19th and 26th, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.


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Euro TV to Watch: Fabulous Swedish Crime Comedy-Drama ‘Triggermen’
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