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Stateside Euro TV fans, get ready to immerse yourselves in the murky world of cybercrime law, as Belgian series eLegal is about to make its US debut.

eLegal: (L-R) Adrien Letartre as Théo Jacobs, Raphaëlle Lubansu as Fran Gerrits, and Olivia Harkay as Valentine Dhénaut — Photo © Vinciane Pierart/RTBF, courtesy of TV5Monde USA

The “e” in eLegal is for electronic, as in electronic network, as in the internet.

And cybercrime is the specialty of the De Facto law firm in Brussels. Its founder is Valentine Dhénaut (Olivia Harkay, Prise au piège), an ambitious and brilliant attorney who hates to be wrong, has very little patience, and swipes left with regularity. She also won’t win any popularity contests with her former classmates.

We meet Valentine as she represents Fran (Raphaëlle Lubansu, Melting Pot Café) at a hearing in which Fran, a deaf, Cochlear implant-wearing single mother of a young son, is charged with hacking into a software company’s computer network. As it turns out, the two women are half-sisters — a bit of family history that is more fraught for Fran and her mother than for Valentine.

The lawyer-client arrangement is for Fran to work for De Facto for a week to pay for Valentine’s services. Théo (Adrien Letartre, Le 9e Mois), a recent law school graduate and Valentine’s assistant, isn’t thrilled with this set-up, or with Fran for that matter. But given what’s happened to the daughter of the firm’s new client, it’s a good thing that techno-savvy Fran is around.

Léa is a teenager who is taunted and bullied by her classmates. After a video of them humiliating her is posted online and shared throughout the school, Léa’s father hires De Facto to press charges. But the attacks continue, to the point where Léa feels there is only one way to make them stop.

The ten-episode, French-language eLegal begins its US premiere tomorrow, Tuesday, November 12, at 11 PM ET/8 PM PT, on TV5Monde USA.


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eLegal: Riveting Belgian Legal Drama Series Set to Premiere in the US
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