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The end of summer brings fifteen new and returning Euro TV series to the US, plus five other titles having their linear TV or streaming debuts in the States.

September 2019 Euro TV premieres

To see the complete list of Euro TV shows available in the US and UK, see the Euro TV Shows by Language section. Viewers in the US can check the ongoing updates of titles released throughout each month on the Euro TV Viewing Guide page.

All programs listed here are shown in their original language with English subtitles, except where noted. The trailers below, which may or may not have English subtitles, might not be suitable for all audiences; viewer discretion is advised.

Dates are subject to change without prior notice.


L’art du crime: Saison 2 (The Art of Crime) (France)

In the new season opener of this popular, modern-day mystery series, a copy of a Monet piece is stolen and the owner is murdered. The question is, why kill someone for a mere copy? The investigation leads Paris police detective Captain Antoine Verlay (Nicolas Gob, Chefs, A French Village) and art historian Florence Chassagne (Eléonore Bernheim, Le silence de l’épervier, Maigret) down the trail toward a particularly talented forger.

Costarring Philippe Duclos (Spiral) and Benjamin Egner (Guilty as Charged), and guest starring Maud Forget (Origins), Nicolas Marié (The Forest), and Rufus (Blood of the Vine), L’art du crime: Saison 2 has its linear TV premiere in the US on Sunday, September 1, at 11 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

Aux animaux la guerre (The Animal War) (France)

Set in a small valley in the Vosges, this six-part drama follows three individuals whose stories intersect. One is Martel (Roschdy Zem, Mauvaise foi), a unionized worker at Vélocia, the last factory in the area, who has a side gig as a part-time bouncer at a nightclub in order to make ends meet.

Another is Rita (Olivia Bonamy, Innocente), a champion of lost causes and a conscientious labor inspector. And then there’s Jordan (Rod Paradot, Ad Vitam), an unstable teenager who is up for anything in order to win over Lydie (Lola Le Lann, Addict), the beautiful sister of the steroid-fueled bodybuilder Bruce (real-life bodybuilder Florent Dorizon), who also works as a bouncer at the club.

Martel and Bruce are desperate for money in order to survive, so Bruce has made a deal with some dangerous people to kidnap a girl in Strasbourg and then sell her. Meanwhile, the factory manager announces a redundancy plan that throws everyone’s life into turmoil, as the factory is the heart of the community. Rita knows that only a handful of the hundred or so employees will still have jobs when all is said and done, and she feels for them. But she has more pressing matters one night: while driving home after an inspection, she sees a a girl running half-naked along the road…

The limited series costars (the amazing) Tchéky Karyo (The Missing, No Limit), Éric Caravaca (A French Village), Dani (Pigalle, la nuit), Michel Subor (The Churchmen), and Olivier Chantreau (Das Boot).

Aux animaux la guerre premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 3, at 11 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.

The Berken Case (Peur sur la Base) (France)

Audrey Fleurot (A French Village, Spiral) stars in this mystery-crime drama telefilm as Chief Warrant Officer Odessa Berken of the Navy, who investigates a young man’s disappearance at the naval base in Brest. His body is found in the ocean the next day, and the autopsy conducted by Samuel Delaunay (Philippe Lefebvre, Detectives) confirms the deceased was murdered. The first suspect: the victim’s best friend, Nathan Berken (Cyril Descours, A French Village), who happens to be Odessa’s brother.

The Berken Case premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 3, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Tatort: Borowski: Season 4 (Germany)

After a year-long absence, Axel Milberg (Berlin Station, Cape Town) returns as Klaus Borowski, a kind of German detective version of the British Doc Martin (a character Milberg also plays in the German version of the UK series). Set in the port city of Kiel, the fourth season of this mystery-crime drama — which includes the 1,000th episode of all Tatort regional series — consists of four episodes.

It’s Kiel Week in the season opener, and the blotto Detective Borowski is delighting in the annual folk festival with the Asian waitress he’s just proposed to. But all is not fun and games for Borowski and his epileptic partner, Detective Sarah Brandt (Sibel Kekilli, Game of Thrones, Homicide Unit Istanbul), as they must investigate the murders of two people whose bodies were found within a day of each other.

Guest stars include Misel Maticevic (Babylon Berlin), Jürgen Prochnow (Das Boot film), and Maria Furtwängler (Commissario Brunetti).

Tatort: Borowski: Season 4 premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 3, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Bright-Eyed Revenge: Season 1 (La vengeance aux yeux clairs) (France)

Set in Nice, this mystery-thriller stars Laëtitia Milot (Plus belle la vie, Murder in Avignon) as Olivia Allessandri, a woman who, after a ten-year absence, returns to the Cote D’Azur with a new face, a new identity, and a singular focus: to avenge the murders of her family.

Olivia, in her previous life, barely escaped death. Now she is set to infiltrate the wealthy Chevalier clan, whom she knows is connected to the attack that killed her mother and brother a decade ago — and to take down the patriarch, Etienne Chevalier (Bernard Yerlès, Station Horizon), the father of her former self’s ex-boyfriend.

As Olivia faces a powerful network of corruption and a group responsible for numerous crimes, she gets unexpected help in her executing her plans from local cop Lt. Yann Legoff (Lannick Gautry, Vanished by the Lake).

Costars include Claire Borotra (Antigone 34), Lola Dewaere (Killer by the Lake), Sophie Duez (Murder in Luberon), Benoît Michel (Magellan), and Roby Schinasi (Murder in Grasse).

Bright-Eyed Revenge: Season 1, a Walter Presents program, premieres in the US on Friday, September 6, on the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon and Walter Presents.

The Crimson Rivers (Les rivières pourpres) (France)

Based on the blockbuster film of the same name from 2000, this mystery-crime thriller stars Olivier Marchal (Elite Squad) and Erika Sainte (Baron noir) as the detective duo of Pierre Niémans (the role Jean Reno played in the film) and Camille Delauney. He is a reserved, pragmatic, pessimistic old-school sleuth, and she is bold, brave, and unafraid of overstepping the mark.

Niémans and Delauney are called to the four corners of France to solve complex cases that involve a brutality far beyond the capacity of local police departments, during which they find themselves infiltrating folktale-like crimes with strong moral and mystic themes, dealing with cults, and murders based on family tradition and human sacrifice.

In Season 1 the detectives investigate the savage murder of an heir to one of the biggest European fortunes; the suspicious death of a fresco restorer at a religious community; the seemingly unrelated cases of a disembodied hand and a serial killer’s crimes; and the deaths of a monk and a young girl.

The Crimson Rivers, a Walter Presents program, premieres in the US on Friday, September 6, on the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon and Walter Presents.

Elite: Season 2 (Élite) (Spain)

If you missed Season 1 of this taut crime thriller, catch up on it before the new season starts (you have one week) because the second season’s storyline picks up where the first’s left off.

Following the events (and murder!) in the Season 1 finale, the new season’s eight new episodes feature the disappearance of a student, the shifting of allegiances, new friends getting entangled in the drama, and dark secrets becoming too difficult to contain.

Joining the cast are Georgina Amorós (Welcome to the Family), Chilean actor Jorge López (Soy Luna), and Claudia Salas (The Plague), who respectively play Cayetana, Valerio, and Rebeca — new students at the elite Las Encinas school.

Elite: Season 2, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, September 6, 2019 Netflix Spain

Inspector Dupin (Kommissar Dupin) (Germany)

Adapted from the “Brittany Mystery” crime novels penned by Jean-Luc Bannalec (pseudonym of German editor, literary critic, and writer Jörg Bong), this German mystery-crime drama series stars Swiss actor Pasquale Aleardi (Gotthard) as Georges Dupin, a Parisian homicide inspector who gets transferred to the coastal town of Concarneau. Despite the rugged beauty and majesty of Brittany, this not an ideal assigment for Dupin, as he has a fear of the ocean and a seafood allergy to boot.

The local Bretons aren’t making Dupin’s transition to the area any easier. Nor does his first case here, which involves the murder of a nonagenarian hotelier and art collector in the neighboring town of Pont Aven.

Inspector Dupin premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 10, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

El corazón de Sergio Ramos (The Heart of Sergio Ramos) (US-UK)

Amazon is expanding its roster of non-English-language international TV series with another one in the area sports. This time, the subject is Sergio Ramos, the captain of both Real Madrid and the National Spanish team and one of football’s (soccer’s) most celebrated champions. The eight-episode documentary takes viewers inside Ramos’s life during the 2018/19 LaLiga season, following him on and off the pitch as he trains, grapples with defeat, learns valuable lessons, celebrates his Andalusian identity, and unwinds at home with his family.

(Turn on closed captions for English subtitles in the trailer below)

El corazón de Sergio Ramos, an Amazon Original series, premieres globally on Friday, September 13, exclusively on Prime Video. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)

The Embassy (La embajada) (Spain)

Produced by Bambú Producciones (Cable Girls, Grand Hotel, High Seas, Velvet), MHz Choice’s first drama from Spain is a thriller starring Abel Folk (If I Hadn’t Met You, Vicky Cristina Barcelona) as Luis Salinas, the newly-appointed Spanish ambassador to Thailand.

The story begins at the end, with Luis standing before a judge accusing him of corruption. It then flashes back to the beginning, with Luis and his journalist wife, Claudia (Belén Rueda, The Boat), arriving at their new post in Bangkok. As the narrative unfolds across eleven feature-length episodes, we follow Luis as he confronts corrupt businessmen and greedy officials who will go to any lengths to protect their lucrative operations — including target his family.

Speaking of, Luis also faces challenges at home — Claudia begins an intimate liaison with the embassy secretary, and daughter Ester (Úrsula Corberó, Money Heist) gets involved with the brother of Luis’ adversary. Not only do these relationships threaten to tear the family apart, they also jeopardize the relations between Spain and Thailand.

Costars include Pedro Alonso (Money Heist), Raúl Arévalo (Velvet), Carlos Bardem (The Zone), Chino Darín (Historia de un clan), Ana Gracia (The Zone), Maxi Iglesias (Velvet), Pep Jové (Merlí), Megan Montaner (Velvet Colección), Melani Olivares (Welcome to the Family), Amaia Salamanca (Morocco: Love in Times of War), and David Verdaguer (Night and Day).

The Embassy premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 17, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Methanol (Metanol) (Czech Republic)

Based on court archives and interviews with investigators, doctors, and victims, this two-part historical drama recounts the events leading to the biggest judicial case in modern Czech Republic history, and became one of the most acclaimed Eastern European series of the last decade.

It’s August 2012, and the black market for alcohol is booming. Most of the illegal trade is controlled by the Dubina family; others, like Ruda (David Máj, Knightfall), want in. So he concocts a way to produce and sell a spirits mix at a lower price to gain a foothold. Only it’s lethal and people die. Thus Captain Hálek (Vasil Fridrich, The Fury) must investigate a case with the highest number of victims and indictments in the country since 1989, and find the person behind 10,000 liters of a poisonous alcohol mix to ensure the deaths stop.

Methanol has its linear TV debut in the US on Tuesday, September 17, at 11 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

Executive Orders (Qui sème le vent) (France)

In this thriller, negotiations for the price of uranium between France and Niger are in progress when two French scientists working for an environmental NGO in Niger are kidnapped from the area near one of the largest uranium mines operated by a leading French company. The situation puts at risk the lives of the hostages and the uranium deal, not to mention the French diplomatic establishment.

Sent to negotiate the release of the hostages is Hugo Geoffroy (Laurent Lucas, The Bureau, Spin), the leader of an emergency unit of the French police. The thing is, he’s playing a double game.

The telefilm costars Natacha Régnier (Marseille), Daniel Martin (The Counterfeiters), Stéphan Wojtowicz (Hard), Patrick Descamps (A French Village), Stéphane Jobert (The Frozen Dead), and Frédéric Pierrot (The Returned).

Executive Orders has its linear TV debut in the US on Thursday, September 19, at 11 PM ET, on Eurochannel.

Criminal (France, Germany, Spain, UK)

This format-bending police procedural comprises twelve stories set in four countries — France, Spain, Germany, and the UK — with each story taking place exclusively within the confines of a police interview suite. The stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama focuses on the intense mental conflict between detectives and suspects.

The episodes set in France star Nathalie Baye (Spin), Jérémie Renier (Potiche), and Sara Giraudeau (The Bureau); the regular cast includes Margot Bancilhon (All Three of Us), Laurent Lucas (The Returned), Stéphane Jobert (The Frozen Dead), Anne Azoulay (Origins), and Mhamed Arezki (Tony’s Revenge).

The episodes set in Germany star Peter Kurth (Babylon Berlin), Christian Berkel (Beat), Deniz Arora (Milk & Honey), and Nina Hoss (Homeland); the regular cast includes Eva Meckbach (Tatort), Sylvester Groth (Deutschland 83), Florence Kasumba (Deutschland 86), Christian Kuchenbuch (The Same Sky), Jonathan Berlin (Line of Separation), and Sebastian Koch (The Name of the Rose).

And the episodes set in Spain star Carmen Machi (Spanish Affair), Inma Cuesta (Madrid on Fire), Eduard Fernández (The Zone), Emma Suárez (Julieta), and Álvaro Cervantes (The Zone); the regular cast includes Jorge Bosch (El accidente), José Ángel Egido (Matadero), Nuria Mencía (Vote for Juan), Daniel Chamorro (What the Future Holds), María Morales (Locked Up), Javi Coll (Doctor Mateo), and Milo Taboada (Cocaine Coast).

(For details about the episodes set in the UK, read “British TV Premieres in Sept 2019.”)

Criminal, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, September 20, exclusively on Netflix. (You can add it to your queue now.)

A Deadly Union: Season 1 (Noces rouges) (France)

From the creator of Vanished by the Lake comes this six-part mystery set in Provence. It opens at the wedding of Sandra (Joyce Bibring, Killer by the Lake) and William (Guillaume Duhesme, Osmosis), where Sandra’s sister Alice (Alexia Barlier, The Forest), who had left for Australia against her family’s wishes four years ago, surprises the happy couple by flying in for the ceremony. But just hours later, tragedy strikes: Sandra is found dead at the bottom of a cliff.

Although initially believed to be suicide, a lack of motive forces Alice to suspect that something sinister is going on. Her ex-fiancé, Vincent (Lannick Gautry, Vanished by the Lake), investigates the possibility of murder after noticing a wedding guest that no one recognizes. As the curtain of appearances gets raised and dark family secrets begin to emerge, evidence starts to uncover the true motive behind the killing.

Costarring Cristiana Réali (Murder in Burgundy), Patrick Catalifo (No Limit), Alexandra Vandernoot (Station Horizon), and David Baïot (Caïn), A Deadly Union: Season 1, a Walter Presents program, has its SVOD premiere in the US on Friday, September 20, on the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon and Walter Presents.

Murder by the Lake (Die Toten vom Bodensee) (Germany)

Matthias Koeberlin (Charité, The Sinking of the Laconia) and Nora von Waldstätten (The Team, Altes Geld) star in this mystery-crime drama series as German criminal investigator Micha Oberländer and his Austrian partner Hannah Zeiler — a detective duo responsible for investigating cross-border crimes in the area around Lake Constance, which borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Micha is based in the Bavarian town of Lindau, where he lives with his wife and daughter and is often at odds with the former over his putting work before family. Hannah is a loner who’s been traumatized by and suffers recurring nightmares about the deaths of her parents during a storm on the lake when she was a pre-teen. The two detectives may be quite different as people, but they complement each other well professionally.

Across seven episodes, Micha and Hannah investigate complex homicide cases that involve Celtic masks, a half-dead forest ranger, and Hannah’s father (!), amongst other clues.

Costarring Inez Bjørg David (Tatort), Stefan Pohl (Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne), and Hary Prinz (Vienna Crime Squad), Murder by the Lake premieres in the US on Tuesday, September 24, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.

Closed Circuit (Surveillance) (France)

Based on the autobiographical book Flic de supermarché by Régis Sérange, this Big Brother-ish made-for-TV thriller stars Thomas Jouannet (Contact, Meurtres au Mont Ventoux) as Pierre Solvy, hired by a surveillance company to implement and oversee the security of a hypermarket.

After a few months on the job, Pierre learns his bosses expect him to do other things besides nab shoplifting suspects. Using the closed circuit cameras at his disposal, he is obliged to watch the customers and to spy on the company’s employees. But then he discovers something he wasn’t supposed to, and becomes a threat to the system he helped to create.

Closed Circuit
Closed Circuit: François Berléand as JC Dedieu and Thomas Jouannet as Pierre Solvy — Photo © Barbereau, courtesy of Eurochannel

Costarring François Berléand (The Chorus), Francis Perrin (Mongeville), Léonie Simaga (Trepalium), and Brigitte Sy (Black Spot), Closed Circuit has its linear TV debut in the US on Thursday, September 26, at 8:30 PM ET / 9 PM PT, on Eurochannel.

Locked Up: Season 4 (Final) (Vis a vis) (Spain)

With Season 3 of this prison thriller having just premiered in the US yesterday, you have almost a month to watch it before the fourth and final season arrives. I won’t get into spoilers, but what I can tell you is that Sandoval (Ramiro Blas, The Ministry of Time, The Boat) gets promoted to director of the Cruz del Norte prison.

As Sandoval begins his reign of terror by awaiting the arrival of the recaptured prisoners and a jailer-turned-inmate, Zulema (Najwa Nimri, Money Heist) is reunited with a long-lost relative, Sole (María Isabel Díaz Lago, Apocalypto) gets life-changing news, and Mercedes (Ruth Díaz, Love in Difficult Times) inherits a drug business.

Returning for the final season are Maggie Civantos (Cable Girls), Berta Vázquez (Paquita Salas), Alba Flores (Money Heist), Marta Aledo (Broken Embraces), and Laura Baena (Paco’s Men).

Locked Up: Season 4, a Netflix Original series, premieres in the US on Friday, September 27, exclusively on Netflix.

Maltese: Season 1 (Maltese – Il Romanzo del Commissario) (Italy)

Set in Sicily in the 1970s, this Mafia crime drama follows Detective Dario Maltese (Kim Rossi Stuart, Romanzo Criminale), who returns from Rome to his hometown in Sicily to attend the wedding of a friend who is murdered in front of him. Thus Maltese is immediately and violently drawn back into the cruel and dishonest world he fled twenty years before. This time, though, he stays to uncover the truth — what starts out as a simple homicide investigation quickly escalates to include more murders and disappearances, ultimately exposing an impenetrable network of corruption and lawlessness.

Driven by an insatiable urge for justice, Maltese soon finds himself fighting alone, untangling a complex network of assassins and criminals working alongside corrupt government officials and the elite. Dodging the hitmen on his tail, witnessing the murders of friends and colleagues, and being forced to risk the life of the woman he loves, Maltese soon discovers a shocking truth to a very personal tragedy.

The series costars Claudio Castrogiovanni (Cacciatore – The Hunter), Antonio Milo (My Brilliant Friend), Roberto Nobile (Detective Montalbano), Francesco Scianna (The Mafia Only Kills in Summer), and Valeria Solarino (The Family).

Maltese: Season 1, a Walter Presents program, premieres in the US on Friday, September 27, on the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon and Walter Presents.

Skylines (Germany)

In Frankfurt, young and gifted hip-hop producer Jinn (Edin Hasanovic, You Are Wanted) gets the chance of a lifetime when he signs with Skyline Records, which is owned and operated by Kalifa (Murathan Muslu, 8 Days), a rapper whom Jinn has idolized since his youth. But the worlds of music, organized crime, and high finance collide when Kalifa’s gangster brother Ardan (Erdal Yildiz, Homicide Unit Istanbul) returns from exile and demands his share of the company.

Complicating matters is Sara (Peri Baumeister, The Heavy Water War, Blochin), an officer with the State Criminal Investigation Office who has had the record label under surveillance and now wants Jinn to be her spy on the inside.

Costarring Sahin Eryilmaz (Professor T.), Lisa Maria Potthoff (Shades of Guilt), and Richy Müller (Tatort), Skylines, a Netflix Original series, premieres globally on Friday, September 27, exclusively on Netflix. (You can add it to your queue now.)

Back Home (La strada di casa) (Italy)

Multiple awards winner Alessio Boni (The Name of the Rose, The Tourist, Caravaggio) stars in this mystery-thriller as Fausto Morra, a family man and the owner of a large farm near Turin. In the span of 24 hours, Fausto’s young daughter goes missing, the veterinary inspector with whom he had argued disappears, and Fausto is involved in a car accident that leaves him in a coma. For five years.

When he awakens, Fausto discovers that everything in his life has changed: his wife is in a relationship with his best friend, his children have grown up and his business is on the verge of bankruptcy. He also discovers that there are shady aspects to his life that he can’t remember at all, but if he wants his life back he has to fight to recover his memory and come to terms with his past, only then he will start to find his road… back home. Co-starring Lucrezia Lante della Rovere and Sergio Rubini. (12 EPS, 2017, Italy)

The series costars Sergio Rubini (The Talented Mr. Ripley), Lucrezia Lante della Rovere (Donna Detective), Thomas Trabacchi (Thou Shalt Not Kill), Eugenio Franceschini (Medici), Benedetta Cimatti (Inspector Coliandro), and Christiane Filangieri (The Ladies’ Paradise).

Back Home premieres in the US on Monday, September 30, exclusively on Acorn TV and its digital channels, including Acorn TV on Amazon.


Capitaine Marleau: Saison 1 (Captain Marleau) (France)

Popular amongst viewers in France, this darkly humorous mystery-crime drama stars Corinne Masiero (Spiral, The Churchmen, Hard) as the eponymous eccentric cop who nabs perpetrators the way a hunter bags prey — by surprise.

In the series opener, Captain Marleau investigates a murder after the body of a woman is found dead in the business offices of Philippe Muir (Oscar® nominees Gérard Depardieu, Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean de Florette, Marseille). The victim was the company accountant, Muir’s lover, and the latest in a string of deaths of women who had close relationships with Muir — thus making him the prime suspect.

Capitaine Marleau: Saison 1 begins airing Sunday, September 22, at 11 PM ET, on TV5Monde USA.


Header photo credits: Back Home courtesy of Acorn TV; Inspector Dupin & Murdered by the Lake courtesy of MHz Choice; Locked Up & Skylines (© Christian Lüdeke/Lux Photographie/Netflix) courtesy of Netflix; Aux animaux la guerre (© Benoît Linder/Europacorp Télévisions/FTV) courtesy of TV5Monde USA


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