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Following yesterday’s news about Walter Presents, today we bring you word about the WP shows headed to the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon.

Vanished by the Lake
Vanished by the Lake (Le mystère du lac): Barbara Schulz as Lise Stocker — Image courtesy of Walter Presents

As reported in yesterday’s exclusive, Walter Presents is shutting down its US SVOD service and related apps on March 1, 2019, in favor of delivering its programs through its partners’ digital platforms starting on that date.

The first of these partners is PBS Distribution, whose PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon has been offering WP programs since last October. Access to the channel is available to members of Prime Video and costs $5.99/month after the free 7-day trial.

Herewith, then, are the WP titles that are being added to the PBS Masterpiece channel on Amazon in February. All will be shown in their original language with English subtitles.


The River (Elven) (Norway)

Based on actual events, this crime drama stars Espen Reboli Bjerke (Mammon, The Heavy Water War, Eyewitness) as Thomas Lønnhøiden, a cop and an outsider who encounters much resistance, including from his superiors, in his investigation of a young girl who mysteriously vanishes.

The disappearance of seven-year-old Silja comes soon after her discovery of a severed hand in the river behind her home in the small village of Djupelv, located in northern Norway near the Russian border. Others battling against Lønnhøiden and obstructing his investigation are the residents of the tight-knit community in Djupelv, who are adamant about keeping the truth about their past a secret. Despite warnings from the locals and members of the military, Lønnhøiden continues to dig for the truth in what becomes a murder investigation.

Costarring Ingebord Raustøl (Maniac, Hotel Cæsar) and featuring Dennis Storhøi (Nobel), Ánne Mággá Wigelius (Monster), and Stig Henrik Hoff (The Last King), the eight-episode The River begins streaming Monday, February 4.

Vanished by the Lake (Le mystère du lac) (France)

This mystery miniseries opens with the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl during a festival in the Sainte-Croix region, a situation that panics her parents and sends people in their small lakeside community into a tailspin. Why? Because 15 years earlier, two girls — best friends of Lise Stocker (Barbara Schulz, The Blacklist) — vanished and were presumed killed.

It’s been about that long since Lise, now a homicide detective in Paris, has been back, but now she’s returned home to care for her Alzheimer’s-stricken mum and determined to find both the missing girl and answers to the past. Lise is convinced there’s a connection between the current and historic cases. Coincidentally, the person jailed for her friends’ murders was released from prison just two months ago. Hmm… (Read more about the show here.)

Costarring Lannick Gautry (Maison close), Marie-Anne Chazel (The Well-Digger’s Daughter), Armelle Deutsch (Pigalle, la nuit), and Cyril Lecomte (Caïn), the six-episode Vanished by the Lake begins streaming Monday, February 11.

Night and Day: Season 2 (Nit i dia) (Spain)

In the second season of this dark and complex, Barcelona-set psychological thriller features, the corpse of a child killed 25 years ago is discovered. Forensic pathologist Sara Grau (Clara Segura, Porca misèria) goes beyond her professional duties to investigate the crime — one that will connect her with a dark episode from her own childhood.

Meanwhile, a judge who had evidence that would have implicated a senior politician in money laundering, not to mention a plot to unleash a harmful influenza virus, dies under strange circumstances. Is there a connection between his death and that of the child? Sara aims to find out.

Costarring Miquel Fernández (Mar de plástico), Victòria Pagès (Merlí), and Pablo Derqui (Lifeline), the 13-episode, Catalan-language Night and Day: Season 2 begins streaming Monday, February 18.

Rest in Peace (Pocivali u miru) (Croatia)

This crime thriller was the first Croatian TV series to be shown in the US (UK, too). The narrative follows Lucia Car (Judita Frankovic, Home), a journalist assigned to cover the story of the oldest prison in Croatia, which is set to be demolished because it doesn’t adhere to newly-introduced EU regulations. But when she comes across a graveyard for the unclaimed bodies of deceased inmates, she knows there is more to be uncovered about this centuries-old institution.

Enlisting the help of retired prison guard Martin Strugar (Miodrag Krivokapic, Kud puklo da puklo), who carries many prison secrets as well as some of his own, the rebellious and determined Lucia puts herself and those close to her in grave danger in pursuit of the story. And in her stubborn belief that revealing these shocking discoveries will liberate their stalled society from the burdens of the past, Lucia will painfully discover that for the dead to rest in peace, the living must pay a high price.

The 12-episodes Rest in Peace begins streaming Monday, February 25.


Mama’s Angel (Israel)

This addictive Israeli thriller exposes the dark underbelly of a wealthy neighborhood in Tel Aviv. It begins with the raptured body of a 7-year old boy being found under the memorial for Air Force heroes one day before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. At first the affluent, middle-class community is in shock — how could such a brutal slaying happen in their midst? But gradually we discover a group of locals are involved in the case.

Behind the sunny, friendly façade is a place of dark secrets. Do you ever really know your own child? This is the question each family in the series has to confront during the long, entangled police investigation that ensues.

The 10-episode, Hebrew-language Mama’s Angel begins streaming Monday, February 4.


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