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If you’ve been jonesing for a mystery drama with supernatural twists, check out Ängelby. It premieres in the US this week.

Ängelby: Mia Skäringer as Vera Fors — Photo © Tre Vänner Produktion AB, courtesy of ITV Studios

On the surface, Ängelby looks and sounds like Jordskott. Both are Swedish productions that feature a female lead, a small town with some bizarre inhabitants, strange goings-on in the forest, and a murder mystery. And actor Göran Ragnerstam plays a key role in each series. Here the similarities end.

Ängelby stars Mia Skäringer (The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared) as Vera Fors, a mother of two who loses her job soon after losing her husband to another woman. With no income, she’s going to lose her home in the city, too, so she goes job hunting on the Web. How fortuitous for Vera, then, that she gets a “you’re hired” reply mere seconds after applying for the admin position at Torsten Huzell’s (Ragnerstam) company in the small town of Ängelby.

With her kids and belongings packed in the car, Vera sets off for Ängelby. Only her new beginning in life gets off to a horrible start when she seemingly hits someone on the pitch-black road into town and decides to hide the lifeless body instead of reporting the accident to the police.

The victim was Jesper, the town’s star hockey player. But here’s the thing: When Vera finally confesses what happened, the police can’t charge her with any crime because the corpse has disappeared. And when it is found, it turns out Jesper was killed three hours before Vera’s supposed accident.

What the what?!?

Yeah, Ängelby is like that, moving from one strange occurrence to the next, with Vera somehow connected to all of them.

The twelve-part series features Anna Bjelkerud (Missing), Pär Luttropp (Blue Eyes), Amanda Ooms (Inspector Winter), Jonas Sjöqvist (Johan Falk), Joel Spira (Thicker than Water), and Michaela Thorsén (Spring Tide).

Ängelby premieres in the US on Thursday, August 23, exclusively on Shudder and the Shudder channel on Amazon. (Viewers in the UK can stream the series on Amazon Video.)


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Ängelby: Swedish Supernatural Mystery Series to Premiere in the US on Shudder
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