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Inspector Klaus Borowski is back, and the denizens of Kiel are safer for it. But not before some unlucky souls are murdered.

Tatort: Borowski
Tatort: Borowski: Axel Milberg as Inspector Klaus Borowski — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Axel Milberg (Doktor Martin, Berlin Station) returns to stateside telly in the third season of Tatort: Borowski, one of the many localized versions of the long-running German crime drama-mystery series Tatort.

Given several references in the first episode of Season 3, “Borowski and the Cool Dog” (“Borowski und der coole Hund”), it appears the writers were paying homage to Nordic noir shows.

It opens on the Swedish side of the Öresund Bridge, where we get a dog’s view of the beach. Unfortunately for the mutt and a young girl who’d come in contact with it, it has rabies.

At a pier at Kieler Förde in Germany, a man dies a horrible death after diving into the Baltic Sea, leaving his lover, Ina Santamaria (Mavie Hörbiger, Anatomy of Evil), in shock and Borowski and Detective Sarah Brandt (Sibel Kekilli, Game of Thrones, Homicide Unit Istanbul) investigating the victim’s murder.

Back in Malmö, Sweden, Inspector Stefan Enberg (Magnus Krepper, The Bridge, Inspector Winter) arrives at the Olof Palme Clinic to investigate the rabies case.

Meanwhile in Kiel, pathologist Dr. Stormann (Samuel Finzi, Flemming) discovers something in Jörg’s brain that would have killed him eventually, and Borowski has a suspect in the murder. And another young girl gets infected with rabies in Sweden.

Enberg’s case brings him to Kiel and to Borowski. It turns out the two are old buddies, having worked together in… wait for it… Ystad.

(See what I mean?)

Anyhoo, it turns out the two cases are connected and both Enberg and Borowski become targets of the killer. They aren’t the only ones, either.

I’ve only just started the second episode, “Borowski und der stille Gast” (“Borowski and the Silent Guest”), so the only details I can share with you right now are these: Lars Eidinger (Babylon Berlin) is a guest star and the murder that opens the episode is a locked-room mystery. (Ooh!)

Tatort: Borowski: Season 3 premiered in the US this past Tuesday, June 19, with these two episodes on MHz Choice and the MHz Choice channel on Amazon. Each of the remaining seven episodes will debut weekly on Tuesdays between June 26 and August 7.


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Euro TV to Watch: German Mystery-Crime Drama Tatort: Borowski’s New Season
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