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For stateside Euro TV fans without a subscription to MHz Choice, you’re in luck. Amazon Video is now streaming the hit Austrian mystery/crime drama series, Anatomy of Evil.

Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen)
Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen): Heino Ferch as Richard Brock

After MHz Choice relaunched in October 2015, Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen) was one of the new and exclusive programs added to the subscription VoD service’s offerings.

Now the series of five feature-length, German-language, English-subtitled films is available on Amazon Video, so if you haven’t already been hooked by actor Heino Ferch and the noir stories, here’s your chance to get in on the goods.

As noted in “Anatomy of Evil: Austrian Mystery Series Starring Heino Ferch Is Worth Binge-Watching,” Richard Brock, the lead character played by multiple award-winner and International Emmy® nominee Ferch, is like a mashup of Kurt Wallander and Sebastian Bergman — a emotionally-repressed and morose psychiatrist (go figure) turned police consultant and criminal interrogator, with his own fair share of personal demons and self-destructive habits as well as expert skills. Like Wallander and Bergman, detectives with the Vienna Police find the maverick Brock difficult to work with, too.

What differentiates Anatomy of Evil from the Wallander and Sebastian Bergman series is the focus on characters instead of crimes. This is not a police procedural, but rather a series of inquiries into the psychological and emotional underpinnings of perpetrators and abettors that lead to murder, abduction, and other criminal acts.

That is not to say, though, that Anatomy of Evil is devoid of the action of criminal investigations. It isn’t. But rather than approach them from the perspective of law and order, this series advances the storylines from where Brock sits — opposite suspects and witnesses, as he delves into the minds at the source of criminal motives.

Speaking of storylines, they’re complex, just as human minds and human nature are. And they’re deeply engaging and intelligent. Anatomy of the Spirit is one series that does not cater to the lowest common denominator amongst viewers. It is well worth a (binge) watch.

For additional details about the series, plus episode synopses, read this article.


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Anatomy of Evil (Spuren des Bösen): Hit Austrian Mystery Series Now Streaming on Amazon Video
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