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The eponymous character in Professor T has some serious issues, but still. He’s brilliant at figuring out criminals and crimes and he’s worth a watch.

Professor T
Professor T: Koen De Bouw as Jasper Teerlinck — Image courtesy of Walter Presents

A hit in its native Belgium and the winner of the Jury Award for Best International TV series at the La Rochelle TV Festival, Professor T has already been remade in France and Germany. (Will an American version be next?)

And its central character might very well become your next favorite socially maladroit genius.

Jasper Teerlinck (Koen De Bouw, The Team, Cordon, King of the World) is like a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Gregory House, and Adrian Monk (with a bit of Ally McBeal in the mix, too) — an expert in his field, but with people, not so much.

Teerlinck is a criminal psychology professor at Antwerp University, where we meet him in class and are immediately introduced to his one of his eccentricities: wearing latex gloves. This, because he has a pathological fear of germs. Add to this his Tourette-like habit of insulting people, from his students to police inspectors, and you have an off-putting yet still magnetic character.

Following the rape of a student on campus, Inspector Annelies Donckers (Ella Leyers, Binnenstebuiten) and her partner, Inspector Daan de Winter (Bart Hollanders, Salamander), ask Teerlinck — the best prof Donckers ever had — for help on the case, as their investigation has turned up nothing. What’s more, the same thing happened to one of Donckers’ friends ten years ago and she thinks the same person is responsible for both crimes.

Teerlinck does help — as an official advisor to the Antwerp Police — much to the surprise and chagrin of Chief Inspector Paul Rabet (Herwig Ilegems, Los Flamencos).

And perhaps to our surprise, there’s more to Teerlinck than meets the eye. For example, his shared past with Police Commissioner Christina Flamant (Tanja Oostvogels, Cordon)…

[fvplayer src=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Professor-T.mp4″ splash=”https://72ld18.p3cdn1.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Professor-T.jpg” width=”600″ height=”338″]

After watching the first episode, one thing I appreciate is the approach the writers took for the interrogation of one of the victims. The tactic Teerlinck uses isn’t a trope in crime dramas, and it’s refreshing to watch. Another is the humor sprinkled throughout the episode, whether in dialogue or visuals.

A production of Skyline Entertainment, the folks behind the hit crime drama Salamander, Professor T features Carry Goossens (Code 37) and Goele Derick (Met Man en Macht).

Professor T. premieres in the US on Thursday, August 3rd, on Walter Presents.


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Professor T: Award-Winning Belgian Mystery-Crime Drama Premieres in the US
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