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The third season of Braquo, the 2012 International Emmy® Award winner for Best Drama Series, has arrived in the States, dark and intense and gritty as ever.

Braquo – Image courtesy of Hulu

Braquo, what some viewers call “the other French crime drama,” is back in the US with eight new episodes, and the action in Season 3 picks up where Season 2’s cliffhanger leaves off.

(I don’t typically do spoilers, but there is no getting around it here.)

Renegade cops Eddy Caplan (Jean-Hugues Anglade, Le passager), Walter Morlighem (Joseph Malerba, Odysseus), and Roxane Delgado (Karole Rocher, Polisse) are out for vengeance. The car bomb planted by their mortal enemy, Roland Vogel (Geoffroy Thiebaut, Plus belle la vie) of the police’s Internal Affairs department, critically injures their teammate, Théo Wachevski (Nicolas Duvauchelle, The Well-Digger’s Daughter), whose chances for survival are slim…

Meanwhile, Eddy learns about illegal trafficking, as in cocaine and human beings, happening in Hauts-de-Seine, his team’s patch in the outskirts of Paris. The traffickers: the Russian Mafia. What’s more, a Georgian cop informs Eddy and Walter that a battle royale between rival factions of the Russian Mafia is raging and about to break out on the streets of Paris.

As for Roxanne, she’s both traumatized and hell-bent on avenging Théo’s death. Whether she is fit to return to duty is up to the psychologist, but one thing is certain. Roxanne intends to make Vogel suffer for the murder of her friend and colleague, and she knows what, rather whom, will break him. The thing is, Roxanne is on her own and can’t find this person, no thanks to Prosecutor Vanderbeke (Pascal Elso, Café de Flore).

Likewise, someone other than Vogel is plotting against Caplan, while Caplan is growing more and more wary of his Georgian counterpart.

And then…

Action-packed, violent, and brutal, Braquo: Season 3 is now streaming in the US, exclusively on Hulu Plus.


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Braquo: Third Season of Gritty French Crime Drama Now Streaming in the US
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