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Euro TV fans, get ready to get your laugh on when the popular and award-winning German comedy, Crime Scene Cleaner, debuts in the US next week.

Crime Scene Cleaner German comedy
Crime Scene Cleaner (Der Tatortreiniger), courtesy of MHz Networks

Crime Scene Cleaner (Der Tatortreiniger), the winner of multiple awards, including two of German TV’s prestigious Grimme Award, stars German Comedy Awards-winner Bjarne Mädel (Donna Leon) as Heiko “Schotty” Schotte, a contract crime scene cleaner.

Football fan Schotty has always had a thing for blood and death, so the high school dropout turned his hobby into a career. As he sprays, scrubs, and scrapes away the traces of crimes at victims’ homes and offices, he meets individuals who knew or were related to the victims, including, amongst others, an elderly woman, a writer, and a sex worker. The exchanges between them and Schotty, as well as the asides from passersby, are hilarious.

In the German press, Der Spiegel praised Crime Scene Cleaner for its “spirit and wit,” while Hamburger Abendblatt wished there were more episodes in the first season.

Shown in German with English subtitles, Crime Scene Cleaner premieres in the US next Friday, 5 December 2016, at 9 PM ET, on MHz Worldview.


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Crime Scene Cleaner: Award-Winning German Comedy Premiering in the US