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The nominations for the 2023 Kristallen Awards — the top Swedish TV Award — have been announced, with Viaplay titles collectively receiving a record-breaking 20 nominations.

Limbo — Photo © 2023 Viaplay Group

While the writers and actors strikes in the US continue, it’s pretty much TV business as usual in Sweden (as it is with streaming service Viaplay in North America), where the nominations for this year’s Kristallen Awards were announced today. And Viaplay had quite the haul, with its Original (and acquired) Scandinavian titles receiving a whopping 20 nominations. Of them, the following programs are available for streaming exclusively on Viaplay in North America:

LIMBO — TV Drama of the Year, Female Lead of the Year (Rakel Wärmländer)

Inspired by an actual event, this character-driven Swedish drama series premiered today in the US and Canada. The story centers on Ebba (Rakel Wärmländer, Summer with the Family, The Sandhamn Murders), My (Sofia Helin, The Bridge, Lust), and Gloria (Louise Peterhoff, The Truth Will Out, Blue Eyes), who have a seemingly perfect everyday life as mothers, partners, lovers, friends, and careerists. My fears that her last chance to become a mother has passed; Ebba struggles not to be overtaken by the younger generation at the real estate firm; and Gloria worries that she will die single. Problems aside, they have each other and their families. But when the phone rings in the middle of the night, everything changes. Their teenage sons borrowed a car without permission and got in an accident, which puts the women’s relationships — to both their families and each other — to the test.

THUNDER IN MY HEART — Young Drama Series of the Year, Supporting Actor of the Year (Gustaf Hammarsten), Male Lead of the Year (Alexander Abdallah)

Based on the Leo Sayer song “Thunder in My Heart,” this Swedish young adult drama follows 20-something Sigrid (played by series creator-writer and 2021 Kristallen Best Actress award winner Amy Deasismont) and her group of friends as they come of age and try to meet the unexpected demands of adult life while coming to terms with their own identities, pasts, and passions.

The cast includes 2023 Kristallen nominees Alexander Abdallah (Snabba Cash) and Gustaf Hammarsten (Midnight Sun), along with Julia Lyskova Juhlin (Toppen), Benjamin Shaps (Love & Anarchy), Helen Sjöholm (Bäckström), and Malin Persson (Riding in Darkness), amongst others.

NO ANGEL (Ingen Ängel) — Young Drama Series of the Year

Akin to the 1988 film Heathers, this satirical Swedish short-form horror series, a winner of the Viaplay Original Talent Award for young creators, revolves around Angelina (Yussra El Abdouni, Snabba Cash, Caliphate), a 17-year-old high school student who rebels against traditional female prejudice while maintaining her status as the queen bee. Like many other teens, she parties, smokes, and sleeps with boring guys to make time go by. But one thing definitely sets her apart from her contemporaries: Angelina is a serial killer.

LIVE LIFE (Leva Life) — Young Drama Series of the Year

Based on the life and experiences of Swedish journalist Lovisa Ström, this drama series revolves around Nora (Hanna Ardéhn, Riding in Darkness, Quicksand), a happy and popular twenty-something woman and a vibrant journalist with a promising future ahead of her. But just as she’s about to take on the world, fate throws her a cruel curve ball: a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.

MEANING OF LIFE (Meningen med livet) — Comedy and Humor of the Year

This warm and darkly-humorous Swedish dramedy series tells the story of Alva (Celie Sparre, The Truth Will Out), her sister Ellen (Helena Af Sandeberg, Dough), and their families. Alva wants nothing more than to become a parent with her boyfriend, Nico (Hannes Fohlin, The Restaurant), but it’s just not happening. Meanwhile, Ellen has three children with husband Alex (Ulf Stenberg, Love Me) — and has lost herself in the role of mother. Despite the jealousy between them, they try to support each other through life’s trials and tribulations.

PHILOSOPHER OF THE SEA (Havsfilosofen) — Documentary Program of the Year

This Swedish documentary centers on Sven Yrvind, a Swedish sailor who, at the ripe age of 83, has become a renowned figure around the world for his solo voyages across the oceans. For the last five years, the filmmakers have had the privilege of observing closely as Yrvind puts together his boat and readies himself for the difficulty of being alone on the open sea — on a journey spanning almost 15,000 miles from Ireland to New Zealand, estimated to take 300 days. Although many view Yrvind’s project as a reckless venture, he himself believes that he is one of the few sane people in the world. However, the real exploration behind this journey is of a much deeper nature: an exploration into how we choose to live our lives.

CRIME SCENE SWEDEN (Svenska fall) — Factual Program of the Year

This Swedish true-crime docuseries takes an in-depth look at some of the most heinous crimes and infamous murders in modern Swedish history. The shocking stories are told through pictures, recordings from court rooms, press conferences, and news articles, as well as interviews with eyewitnesses, relatives, lawyers, police officers, and journalists.

TO SOLVE A MURDER (Att lösa ett mord Helenafallet) — Investigation of the Year

Another true-crime docuseries, this one centers on the mysterious disappearance of Helena Andersson, a still-unsolved case that has haunted the Swedish police for 30 years. Then investigative journalist Fredrik Undevik makes a discovery that unearths the unbelievable.

RIDING IN DARKNESS (Nattryttarna) — TV Drama of the Year, Male Lead of the Year (Jonas Karlsson), Female Lead of the Year (Saga Samuelsson)

Loosely based on true events that occurred in the 1990s, this Viaplay-acquired Swedish survival thriller follows three women, including stable girl Molly (Saga Samuelsson, The Sandhamn Murders), who are connected to one man: equestrian center riding instructor Tommy Lund (Jonas Karlsson, Beck, Sthlm Requiem). All of them need to find a way to get out of this monster’s grip, but will their families and the police believe them, or will Tommy manipulate everything in his favor?

All of the above 2023 Kristallen nominees are currently available to watch in the US and Canada exclusively on Viaplay. Check ’em out!


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Viaplay Receives Record-Breaking 20 Kristallen Award Nominations