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For US fans of French programs, there’s a new streaming service for you: France Channel.

France Channel on Prime Video

Founded and developed by Julien Verley, CEO of France Channels and former executive at Canal+ and France Télévisions, France Channel has launched in the US exclusively on Prime Video.

France Channel offers programming that celebrates French culture, heritage, history, lifestyle, and creativity — most of which will be available in the US for the first time — including original series, films, and documentaries that cover the arts, fashion, food and wine, and travel. Titles include Chateaux of Bordeaux, The Favorite Village of the French, French Delicatessen, The Kings of France, Masters of Cheese, Mysteries of Paris, and Secrets of History. For the younger set, the channel also has children’s programs.

There are plenty of drama and comedy series and films on France Channel, too. Titles include Accused (Accusé), the French remake of the award-winning British mystery-crime drama series; dramedy Blame It on Rousseau (La faute à Rousseau), the French remake of the superb Spanish series Merlí; comedy series Arrogant (Connasse), starring Camille Cottin (Call My Agent!); soap opera Tomorrow Is Ours (Demain nous appartient); and comedy film Dr. Knock, starring Omar Sy (Lupin).

(For fans of the Bruno Debrandt cop drama series Caïn, three seasons of it are currently available exclusively on France Channel.)

New programming will be added each week (Season 3 of school comedy series Peps arrived today), and all titles have English and French subtitles and closed captioning.

Said Verley:

“Our assertion is that with the France Channel platform, many Americans will use it as an online discovery tool that serves as an alternative to physically traveling to France, but immersing oneself in the beauty of French cinema and lifestyle.”

The France Channel subscription costs $7.99/month after the seven-day free trial.


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France Channel: New French Programming Streaming Channel Launches in the US
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