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MHz Choice has announced its Euro TV programming slate for August 2023, which includes new and returning series from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, and Italy.

Don't Leave Me (Non mi lasciare)
Don’t Leave Me (Non mi lasciare): Alessandro Roja as Daniele Vianello, Vittoria Puccini as Elena Zonin — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

The August 2023 programming schedule on MHz Choice features Euro TV crime dramas and comedies, the schedule for which is below. And there’s more besides!


Louis XXVIII (France)

Kicking off the month of August on MHz Choice is the satirical comedy series Louis XXVIII. Set in 2021 in an alternate France, where the monarchy was never abolished, it follows Cédric (Nils Othenin-Hirard, The Colors of Fire), an insolent teenager who inadvertently finds himself heir to the throne.

After the entire French royal family are lost in a tragic plane crash, government officials meet in Versailles to ensure a proper successor: The next in line to the throne must be male, of royal blood, and with no criminal record — which immediately rules out all of the expected successors. The unexpected one is Cédric, born of a failed relationship between his mother, Samia (Nadia Roz, Murder in…), and a minor aristocrat sixteen years earlier. With her son now being His Majesty Louis XXVIII, Samia will have to do her best to protect the country from an unscrupulous regent while concurrently saving it from the immaturity of her own child!


Murder by the Lake (Die Toten vom Bodensee) (Germany-Austria)

Murder by the Lake, the popular cross-border crime drama set around Lake Constance, is returning with two new episodes in which German homicide inspector Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin, Charité) teams up with a new partner from the Austrian police: Inspector Luisa Hoffmann (Alina Fritsch, Freud). Their first case together involves the death of a man who had photos of the family of Professor Lambeck, head of the psychiatric clinic at Lake Constance — all with the eyes gouged out — and the disappearance of a deaf girl who had been watching the detectives in the forest where the victim was found.

Tatort: Vienna (Austria)

Tatort: Vienna, another long-running crime drama series in the Tatort franchise, centers on the criminal investigations of Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer, Murder by the Lake), a rather rough and gruff but intuitive detective, and his sensitive, alcohol-dependent partner, Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser, Donna Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries), of the Vienna Police’s murder squad. Season 1 consists of 11 episodes.

Tatort Vienna
Tatort Vienna: Adele Neuhauser as Bibi Fellner, Harald Krassnitzer as Moritz Eisner — Photo by Ingo Pertramer, courtesy of MHz Choice


Don’t Leave Me (Non mi lasciare) (Italy)

In the crime drama Don’t Leave Me, Deputy Chief Elena Zonin (Vittoria Puccini, The Trial) lives and works in Rome, where she deals with computer crimes and hunts down a network of paedophiles responsible for the kidnapping and sale of minors on the web. When the lifeless body of a child is found in the Venice lagoon, Elena immediately investigates the case, convinced that it can be traced back to the wider investigation she has been working on for years.

For Elena, going to Venice also means going home; it’s where she mysteriously left twenty years earlier. Here she finds Daniele (Alessandro Roja, 1992), her great love of the time, now a policeman like her, and Giulia (Sarah Felberbaum, The Young Montalbano), Daniele’s wife, who was once Elena’s best friend.

Soon Elena finds herself caught between the memories and places of her youth, just as the investigation leads the police to uncover a complex and articulated case — one that will end up involving influential and unsuspected enemies, placing Elena and Daniele in the eye of the storm of an unprecedented mission, which will endanger both of their lives.


Freezing Embrace (Hautalehto: Kylmä syli) (Finland)

Based on the fourth title in Christian Rönnbacka’s popular “Antti Hautalehto” detective novel series, crime drama Freezing Embrace follows Chief Inspector Antti Hautalehto (Mikko Leppilampi, Arctic Circle, Bordertown) as he investigates the mysterious, almost weekly drownings of young men in the river in the small town of Borgå. As the investigation continues, Antti begins to suspect a fellow cop of the killings, and soon he and the entire Borgå police force are suspected of protecting one of their own. But there is more to the case than meets the eye, and it isn’t until Antti begins to follow a different line of inquiry that he gets close to the truth and to the real killer.


Crime Is Her Game (Le crime lui va si bien) (France)

Cop comedy Crime Is Her Game follows police partners Gaby Molina (Claudia Tagbo, Lanester) and Céline Richer (Hélène Seuzaret, Magellan). Country girl Gaby is borderline, messy, and unpolished, a cop and a farmer who splits her time between maintaining the family farm she inherited and resolving criminal investigations; city girl Céline is upright, formal, and respectful of the rules. Despite their opposite natures, the two women manage to get past their enmity to form a successful detective duo, ready to take on any new case.

All of these titles will stream in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon, starting on the dates shown above. (Note that scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)

In addition to these Euro TV titles, MHz Choice is premiering programs from Australia and South Africa in August, too. Read about them here and here, respectively.


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Crime Is Her Game, Don’t Leave Me, Freezing Embrace & More on MHz Choice in August 2023