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MHz Choice has set its slate for July 2023, which includes brand-new series from Austria, Finland, and Italy, plus returning series from France, Germany, and Italy.

Enemy of the People
Enemy of the People: Kreeta Salminen as Katja Salonen — Photo © MTV Oy / Markus Kontiainen, courtesy of MHz Choice

The July 2023 programming schedule on MHz Choice is filled with new and returning anthology series and single- and multi-season mystery-crime dramas, plus a new one-off drama. Below is the full schedule.


Murder In…: Season 10 (France)

This popular mystery-crime drama anthology series returns for its tenth season, bringing with it more whodunits that transport viewers to the great sites and regions of France as the stories’ investigators chase down the criminals against stunning backdrops — from lush forests and remote islands, to rocky coastlines, beaches with clear blue water, and grand ranches.

Episodes in Season 10 are set in Amboise, Biot, Frioul Island, Haute Provence, Kermadec, Marie-Galante, Mont Saint-Michel, Porquerolles, and Rochefort Sur Mer.

Wake Up My Love (Svegliati amore mio) (Italy)

Sabrina Ferilli (Dinner Club, Beyond Borders) stars in this drama as Nanà, a strong and independent woman, wonderful mother and loving wife, who manages to keep intact her ability to believe in love and miracles when her daughter ends up in a coma and is diagnosed with leukemia. Despite everything in her life changing suddenly and forever, Nanà continues forward, and with the help of a fearless doctor, raises doubts about the questionable working conditions in the local factory — where her husband works.

Costars in the six-episode drama include Ettore Bassi (The Red Door), Francesco Arca (The Promised Life), Francesco Venditti (A mano disarmata), Caterina Sbaraglia (Let Me Introduce You to Sofia), Iaia Forte (The Price of Family), and Veruska Rossi (Masantonio).


Captain Marleau: Season 4 (Capitaine Marleau) (France)

Corinne Masiero (The Last Panthers, The Churchmen) returns as the offbeat Captain Marleau in four new feature-length episodes of this fan-favorite mystery-crime dramedy series, in which the quirky cop investigates crimes, pieces together the truth, and solves murder mysteries in her own inimitable style. (Video is from Season 1)

Backwoods Crime (Austria)

With stories set in different parts of Austria, this “ORF Landkrimi” anthology series of light crime dramas includes ten feature-length episodes, many of which feature mismatched detective duos.

One story follows the investigation into the discovery of multiple body parts from the same victim by cop colleagues Franzi (Nina Proll, Look Who’s Back) and Michael (Karl Fischer, Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti Mysteries). In another, viewers know who the culprit is from the off — but not the twist in the case caused by investigator Nathan Weiss (Tobias Moretti, Inspector Rex, Bad Banks).

Backwoods Crime
Backwoods Crime: Nina Proll as Franzi, Karl Fischer as Michael — Photo credit: Petro Domenigg, courtesy of MHz Choice


Makari: Sicilian Mysteries: Season 2 (Italy)

Based on the bestselling “Saverio Lamanna, Detective by Chance” series of mystery novels by Gaetano Savatteri, the new season of this light whodunit series opens a year after the events in Season 1, with former journalist Saverio Lamanna (Claudio Gioè, Mafia Only Kills in Summer, Anti-Mafia Squad) finding himself more of a resident amateur sleuth in his hometown of Makari, Sicily, than the novelist he aspires to be.

In the new season’s three feature-length episodes, Saverio, along with his long-time friend, Peppe (Domenico Centamore, Mafia Only Kills in Summer), delves into the deaths of an archaeologist, a journalist, and an architect — the latter of whom is known to Saverio by way of his lover, architecture student Suleima (Ester Pantano, Imma Tataranni). (Video is from Season 1)

Returning cast members include Antonella Attili (Paradise) as Saverio’s friend, Marilù, Tuccio Musumeci (Detective Montalbano) as Saverio’s father, and Filippo Luna (Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery) as Vicequestore Giacomo Randone. Joining the Season 2 cast in a recurring role is Andrea Bosca (The Red Door).


Enemy of the People (Kansan vihollinen) (Finland)

Kreeta Salminen (Man in Room 301, Deadwind) stars in this  crime drama as Katja Salonen, a journalist whose less-than-flattering article about local football legend Samuli Tolonen makes her the most hated person in town. Then Samuli is found dead in his swimming pool, which fuels the rumors of his suicide and the wrath of both the locals and Katja’s editors. As Katja conducts her own investigation into Samuli’s death, she risks her life and her career to find the truth — uncovering a web of corruption and failed business dealings while realizing that the people involved are willing to do anything to get her to stop.

The eight-episode series costars Tobias Zilliacus (Replacements), ohannes Holopainen (All the Sins), Antti Luusuaniemi (Helsinki Syndrome), Milka Ahlroth (Bullets), and Mikko Nousiainen (Arctic Circle), amongst others.

Inspector Rex: Season 6 (Kommissar Rex) (Austria-Germany)

This popular light police drama series, which has spawned Canadian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Slovak remakes, returns with another season that follows police dog Rex as he investigates crimes and solves mysteries with his human partner on the streets of Vienna. (Video is from Season 4)

All of these titles will stream in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon, starting on the dates shown above. (Note that scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)


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Enemy of the People, Wake Up My Love & More on MHz Choice in July 2023