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Today Netflix released the teaser for Barracuda Queens, a new Swedish crime drama about members of a girl gang with a taste for champagne and burglary. Check it out.

Barracuda Queens
Barracuda Queens cast — Photo © Ulrika Malm, courtesy of Netflix

Set in 1995 and loosely inspired by true events, Barracuda Queens follows four privileged girls from Djursholm — Lollo (Alva Bratt, A Class Apart), Klara (Tindra Monsen), Frida (Sandra Zubovic, JJ+E), and Mia (Tea Stjärne, The Wizard’s Daughter) — who call themselves the “Barracuda Queens” from their days partying on Barracuda Beach.

In a moment of desperation, when hit with a huge party bill, the girls hatch a reckless plan to rob the house of their new neighbor, Amina (Sarah Gustafsson, Huss). Things don’t go exactly as planned, but luckily Amina is more interested in joining them than pressing charges. Together, the gang becomes involved in an escalating campaign of house burglaries targeting their obnoxious rich neighbors.

By day these girls are high-achieving students, by night ruthless thieves seeking thrills, liberation, and revenge on men who have done them wrong. No one will ever suspect them, right?

The cast includes Izabella Scorupco (Hidden: First Born), Carsten Björnlund (White Sands), Max Ulveson (Dancing Queens), Johannes Kuhnke (Love & Anarchy), Mirja Turestedt (Rebecka Martinsson), Michaela Thorsén (Spring Tide), Meliz Kargle (Johan Falk), Gino Estera (Bonus Family), and Christian Fandango Sundgren (Eagles), amongst others.

Barracuda Queens, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Monday, June 5, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Barracuda Queens: Netflix Drops Teaser for Swedish Girl Gang Heist Drama Series
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