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MHz Choice announced today its slate for March 2023, which includes new series from France and Portugal, plus new seasons of crime dramas from France and Germany.

MHz Choice

Without any further ado, here are details about the shows headed to MHz Choice in March:


Hidden Theories (Teorias da Conspiração) (Portugal)

Nominated for Best Series or TV Movie at the 2020 Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Awards, this 18-episode crime and political thriller series follows Maria Amado (Carla Maciel, Parque Mayer), an investigative journalist for a newspaper, and José Madeira (Rúben Gomes, Valor da Vida), an inspector with the judicial police. Both are constantly battling their respective higher-ups, who put up one barrier after another in Maria and José’s news and criminal investigations.

Unbeknownst to Maria, Pedro Soares Teixeira (Gonçalo Waddington, Glória) has been keeping tabs on her. Pedro is an influential lawyer who’s in cahoots with people in the highest echelons of power, including those in the criminal underworld. He wields his power from behind the scenes, operating in the shadows to mislead whatever Maria unearths.

As she and José follow cases of corruption involving financial institutions and the highest levels of politics, the burgeoning scandal could ruin a lot of people, including the Prime Minister — and the investigation becomes increasingly dangerous as Maria gets closer to the truth.


Alice Nevers: Season 3 (France)

Marine Delterme (Coco Chanel) and Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Murder in Tahiti) return as criminal prosecutor Alice Nevers and her personal and professional partner, police captain Fred Marquand, in six new episodes of this crime drama, derived from the long-running series Le juge est une femme. (Video is from Season 2)


The Traveller: Season 1 (Le voyageur) (France)

Former Hall of Fame pro footballer-turned-actor Eric Cantona (Inhuman Resources) stars in the first season of this crime drama series as Thomas Bareski, a retired police captain who is on a one-man crusade to solve criminal cases — ones either too vexing for the local authorities or that have long gone cold — and help grieving families obtain justice. Living and working out of his van, Bareski travels across France for his singular mission, interacting with local detectives and picking up suspects’ trails along the way to catching the culprits.

The Traveller
The Traveller: Eric Cantona as Thomas Bareski — Photo © Manuelle Toussaint; , courtesy of MHz Choice


Money Murder Zurich: Season 3 (Der Zürich-Krimi) (Germany)

Set in Switzerland, this crime drama returns with five new episodes starring Christian Kohlund (Private Banking) as Thomas Borchert, a disgraced lawyer who returns from Frankfurt to his native Zurich to work as an unlicensed defender. (Video is from Season 1)

All of these titles will stream exclusively on MHz Choice in the US and Canada starting on the dates shown above. (Note that scheduling changes can occur at any time and without prior notice.)


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MHz Choice Sets March 2023 Slate, Including New Series from France & Portugal