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Prime Video has set the global premiere date for LOL: Last One Laughing Netherlands, the latest local version of the Amazon Original comedy competition series.

LOL: Last One Laughing
LOL: Last One Laughing — Image courtesy of Prime Video

LOL: Last One Laughing, the popular comedy competition format, continues to expand its reach across the globe with more local versions. Last week saw the launch of the French-language Quebecois version (following the English-language Canadian one), and last month brought Season 5 of the Spanish-language version with Mexican comedians. (There’s also the one with Spanish comedians.)

Very soon we’ll have the Dutch version. Hosted by Philippe Geubels and Jeroom Snelders, LOL: Last One Laughing Netherlands follows the series’ format: ten well-known comedians, in this case Dutch ones, spend six hours together in a living room setting, each trying to keep a straight face while attempting to make their opponents laugh. The last one laughing, or not laughing, as it were, wins the competition and the €50,000 prize for the charity of their choice. (Prize amounts vary by local version.)

The Dutch comedians participating in the series are Tineke Schouten, Ruben van der Meer, Henri van Loon, Roué Verveer, Alex Ploeg, Rayen Panday, Soundos El Amhadi, Stefano Keizers, Nienke Plas, and Bas Hoeflaak.

LOL: Last One Laughing Netherlands, an Amazon Original, premieres globally on Friday, January 20, exclusively on Prime Video. (You can add it to your watchlist now.)


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LOL: Last One Laughing Netherlands: Prime Video Sets Premiere Date for New Dutch Series