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Netflix has announced that production has started on Mano de hierro, a new crime thriller series from Spain.

Mano de hierro announcement
Mano de hierro — Photo by Quim Vives, courtesy of Netflix

Mano de hierro (literal translation: iron fist) is a new crime thriller created and directed by Lluís Quílez (Below Zero) and produced by The Mediapro Studio (Victim Number 8).

The story is set in Barcelona, where roughly 6,000 shipping containers from all over the world arrive daily at the city’s seaport. They hold vast quantities of all sorts of things — including cocaine, more than 30,000 kilos of which get hidden amongst those goods every year, making Catalonia’s capital city one of Europe’s most important entrance points for the global drug trafficking business.

Joaquin Manchado knows well how profitable the drug trade is. He owns the main terminal in the port of Barcelona. If someone wants to import an illegal load of narcotics through the port, they have to go through Joaquin. Not only must they secure his support, they also need to collaborate with various entities within the criminal network he has built and shaped around him.

When an unexpected accident happens and an important shipment of cocaine goes missing, a ruthless war erupts, one filled with revenge and murder.

The cast of the six-episode thriller includes Chino Darín (The Kingdom, The Embassy), Jaime Lorente (Money Heist, Elite), Natalia de Molina (Foodie Love, Cathedral of the Sea), Sergi López (The Barcelona Vampiress, Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea), Enric Auquer (Perfect Life, Sky Rojo), and Eduard Fernández (Criminal: Spain, 30 Coins).

Filming will continue in Barcelona before moving to Lérida and Gerona in Catalonia.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Mano de Hierro: Netflix Announces New Spanish Crime Thriller Series
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