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Ben Gri, the new mystery-crime thriller series from Türkiye, is set for its global premiere.

Ben Gri
Ben Gri: Timuçin Esen as Fuat Akinci — Photo courtesy of Hulu

Ben Gri (which literally translates as “I’m gray” according to Google Translate) stars Timuçin Esen (Lovelorn, Müslüm) as Fuat Akinci, a successful and respected lawyer, a happily-married husband, and a loving father. Fuat’s belief in human values and legal justice is put to the test when he learns his daughter is in hospital in a coma, the victim of a brutal sexual assault.

In the midst of his struggle to find the animal who did this to his daughter and get justice for her, Fuat receives a mysterious text message stating that the attacker has been found. All he needs to do is type a smiley if he wants revenge. The question is: Does he want the perpetrator to be killed or not?

Fuat’s response will eventually turn his life upside down and force him to confront his past and the darkness within himself.

Ben Gri, a Disney+ Original, premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16. It will stream in the US exclusively on Hulu (you can add it to your watchlist now) and globally exclusively on Disney+.


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Ben Gri: Turkish Mystery-Crime Thriller Series Set for Global Premiere
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