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Back tomorrow with a new episode is the German crime dramedy Allmen, which is set to premiere in the US and Canada on MHz Choice.

Allmen and the Secret of Eroticism
Allmen and the Secret of Eroticism: Samuel Finzi as Carlos, Heino Ferch as Johann Friedrich von Allmen — Photo © ARD Degeto / Stanislav Honzik, courtesy of MHz Choice

I love me some Heino Ferch (Anatomy of Evil, Berlin Station), so I get positively giddy when one of his shows appears on my TV radar. In this case it’s a new episode of his crime dramedy series Allmen.

For folks who may not be familiar with it, the show is based on Martin Suter’s “Allmen” novels and to date includes four feature-length episodes. It stars Heino Ferch as Johann Friedrich von Allmen, a charming bon vivant and ladies’ man whose life of luxury in Zurich, Switzerland, costs plenty of Swiss francs, which the financially-irresponsible von Allmen doesn’t always possess, much to the chagrin of his much put-upon Guatemalan valet, Carlos (Samuel Finzi, Flemming, Tatort: Borowski). This devil-may-care attitude extends to von Allmen’s habit of stealing precious objets d’art, and only slightly less so when it comes to the danger that he is wont to put himself and Carlos in, whether due to his thieving or, as proprietor of Allmen International Inquiries, his attempt to recover stolen art works on behalf of his very-well-paying clients.

Which brings us to the fourth episode, “Allmen and the Secret of Eroticism (Allmen und das Geheimnis der Erotik), which opens with a murder. Broke once again but not caring in the least, von Allmen is off with his wealthy lover, Jojo (Andrea Osvárt, The Transporter), to attend a reading. Within minutes of learning that the host is in possession of a Fabergé egg that had been gifted to Leo Tolstoy by Tsar Nicholas II, Allmen sets about stealing it. Although he gets away with it, at least for the time being, he has also put himself in a pickle because of it — a situation that requires him to commit an even more brazen theft.

But this is von Allmen we’re talking about, whose criminal mind is also rather creative. So the planned heist of some precious porcelain includes a few details that should put him in some serious money. For this he needs Carlos’s help. (Little do either of them know that they will need the help of Maria Moreno (Isabella Parkinson, The Mechanism), Carlos’s amor, who now works for von Allmen, as well.

Meanwhile, the young woman who caught von Allmen’s eye at the reading wants to hire him, Jojo is keeping company with a rich American man, and another person gets murdered. Von Allmen, who is also targeted by the killer, is in the thick of what seems to be an intricate plot that is not of his making, and puts two and two together. But does he get four? Or much more than he bargained for?

Featuring in the episode are Christoph Bach (The Heavy Water War), Devrim Lingnau (The Empress), Stefan Kurt (Anatomy of Evil), Kristin Suckow (Wilsberg), Roy McCrerey (Atlantic Crossing), Jörg Pintsch (You Are Wanted), and Borek Slezácek (Charité).

“Allmen and the Secret of Eroticism” premieres in the US and Canada tomorrow, Tuesday, October 11, exclusively on MHz Choice and its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon.


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Allmen: German Crime Dramedy Returns with Entertaining New Episode
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