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Netflix released today the official trailer for Fortune Seller: A TV Scam, an Italian true-crime docuseries that looks to be quite binge-worthy.

Fortune Seller: A TV Scam
Fortune Seller: A TV Scam — Photo courtesy of Netflix

I don’t know if my viewing habits qualify me as being a true-crime aficionado, but I have certainly watched (and continue to watch) my fair share of true-crime docuseries (and dramas), regardless of where they’re produced — from The Keepers (US) and The Missing Children (UK), to The Night Caller (Australia) and Death in Leon (Spain).

I’ve also been known to buy a thing or five from teleshopping channels (mostly kitchen stuff purchased during QVC’s In the Kitchen with… program)  — which brings me to Fortune Seller: A TV Scam (aka Wanna), an Italian true-crime docuseries for which I have already set a reminder in my Netflix account.

The show centers on Wanna Marchi, a brash, crass, over-the-top “regina delle televendite” (“queen of telesales”) who, along with her daughter, Stefania Nobile, made millions by hawking everything from a slimming cream and other cosmetic products, to amulets for protection against evil, to… lucky numbers. (Seriously.)

Wanna was indeed a savvy saleswoman who became the undisputed queen of Italian teleshopping — one who, with her daughter and other accomplices, preyed on not just people’s vanity but also their desperation, and scammed them out of their money and more besides. Utterly without shame, remorse, or a hint of a conscience, Wanna said for the docuseries, “… idiots deserve to be conned!” Likewise, fraudsters deserve to be imprisoned, which they were.

Fortune Seller: A TV Scam, a Netflix Series, premieres globally on Wednesday, September 21, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)


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Fortune Seller: A TV Scam: Netflix Drops Trailer for Italian True-Crime Docuseries
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