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Today MHz Choice announced its July 2022 slate, which is headlined by A Dark, Dark Man, the international TV streamer’s first title from Kazakhstan.

A Dark, Dark Man
A Dark, Dark Man: Daniar Alshinov as Bekzat — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

It’s a month of mysteries on MHz Choice in July 2022 — from the award-winning Kazakh film A Dark, Dark Man, to new seasons and episodes of popular Italian and French series, including The Bastards of Pizzofalcone and Alexandra Ehle. Details for the full schedule are below.

All title and dates are subject to change without prior notice.

Don Matteo: Season 10 (Italy)

One of the few Euro TV mystery series that is rated TV-G and not made specifically for younger viewers is this fan-favorite show starring Terence Hill as Don Matteo, an ordinary Catholic priest with an extraordinary ability to read people and solve crimes. (Video is from Season 9)

Don Matteo: Season 10 premieres Tuesday, July 5.

Cherif: Season 5 (France)

This addictive mystery series returns next month with its penultimate season. It stars Abdelhafid Metalsi (Spiral) as Captain Kader Cherif, a brilliant, street-savvy, and eccentric detective with the Lyon Crime Squad, who delves into and solves murders in France’s third-largest city. (Video is from Season 4)

Cherif: Season 5 begins streaming Tuesday, July 12.

Alexandra Ehle (France)

This delightful mystery drama returns with two new feature-length episodes starring Julie Depardieu (Captain Marleau) as Alexandra Ehle, the brilliant, quirky coroner at the Bordeaux Forensic Institute. Gruff yet fanciful and free-thinking, she weaves together the crime with the victim’s story as she paints a full picture of not only what happened, but why — ultimately restoring dignity to the dead and giving them justice, regardless of how unconventional her approach might be to the folks around her. (Video is from Season 1)

The new episodes of Alexandra Ehle begin premiering Tuesday, July 19.

A Dark, Dark Man (Kazakhstan)

An official selection of the San Sebastián International Film Festival and winner of Achievement in Directing for Adilkhan Yerzhanov (Owners, The Gentle Indifference of the World) from the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, this acclaimed film noir was conceived as a Kazakh version of a French film noir, set in a bleak yet beautiful and artfully-framed landscape — rural and dusty rather than urban and gritty. The film also purposely departs from its darker noir tone with an ’80s-inspired soundtrack and humor, the latter of which “helps to neutralize landmines,” according to Yerzhanov.

It starts with the murder of a small boy in a tight-knit Kazakh community. Here local policeman Bekzat (Daniar Alshinov, Infiniti), already jaded and cynical to the corruption all around him, begins to confront the corrupt system — inspired, almost against his will, by the sudden appearance of an outside journalist, Ariana (Dinara Baktybaeva, The Gentle Indifference of the World). Bekzat’s pursuit of the real murderer is a flawed and jagged zigzag toward justice, during which he encounters plenty of blood and wrongdoing along the way.

A Dark, Dark Man premieres as three hour-long installments on Tuesday, July 19.

The Bastards of Pizzofalcone: Season 3 (I bastardi di Pizzofalcone) (Italy)

Based on the best-selling novels by Maurizio de Giovanni, and starring Alessandro Gassman (The Mongrel), this mystery-crime drama series follow a ragtag team of misfit detectives investigating and solving crimes in Naples. Joining the team in the new season is a new Bastard: Commissioner Elsa Martini (Maria Vera Ratti, Don Matteo). With persistent rumors about her involvement in the death of a suspected pedophile swirling around her, she fits right into the Pizzofalcone vibe, as the day-to-day dramedy is peppered by some expected mafia appearances, along with an ongoing serial killer investigation. (Video is from Season 2)

The Bastards of Pizzofalcone: Season 3 premieres Tuesday, July 26.

All of the above titles will stream in the US and Canada exclusively on MHz Choice via the MHz Choice website, the streamer’s Android, iOS and other apps, and on its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.


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A Dark, Dark Man: MHz Choice’s First Title from Kazakhstan Headlines July 2022 Slate