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Infused with supernatural sensibilities, French crime thriller Iskander: The Land of Shadows moves the show’s action from a South American jungle to a snow-covered archipelago.

Iskander S2
Iskander: Stéphane Caillard as Chloé & Adama Niane as Dialo — Photo courtesy of Topic

“This island makes us crazy.”

So says a local of Saint-Pierre, one of the islands that make up the French archipelago of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, located in the North Atlantic, a dozen or so kilometers from the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

Saint-Pierre is the hometown of Chloé Bresson (Stéphane Caillard, War of the Worlds), a cop who’s returned here from her job in Cayenne, French Guiana (in Season 1), to handle family matters after her mother’s suicide. The most pressing is to make arrangements for her mentally-disabled brother, François (Axel Granberger, Emily in Paris), after which Chloé will return to Cayenne and continue the search for her partner, Dialo (Adama Niane, Lupin).

But her plans are thwarted when he-can-see-dead-people François becomes the prime suspect in the savage murder of a young local lad. The community, including certain members of the Saint-Pierre Brigade, seem prejudiced against the guilty-before-proven-innocent François, so Chloé launches her own, unofficial investigation into the crime. Things get rather complicated when there is another murder, committed as viciously as the first. And the deaths don’t stop here.

As Chloé, who has her own experiences with otherworldly presences, presses on in her quest to prove François’s innocence — and as viewers are clued into things that she isn’t aware of (yet) — secrets get uncovered, truths get revealed, and the past comes back to haunt the guilty…

Costars in Season 2 include Samuel Jouy (The Churchmen), Paul Hamy (Borgia), Brigitte Sy (Black Spot), and Patricia Thibault (The Art of Crime).

(And for folks who want to know the song that Chloé dances with abandon to in the middle of an empty, snow-covered highway, it’s called “Memory Box” by Peter Cat Recording Co.)

Episodes 1-4 of Iskander: The Land of Shadows (Season 2) are currently streaming in the US and Canada exclusively on Topic and its digital channels, including Topic on Amazon. The final two episodes will drop on Thursdays, January 27 and February 3.


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Iskander: Murders & Ghostly Goings-On in Season 2 of French Crime Thriller
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