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MHz Choice announced today its lineup for January 2022, which includes drama, mystery-crime drama, and thriller series from Finland, France, and the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Vice
Amsterdam Vice: Tygo Gernandt as Tonnie Montijn and Waldemar Torenstra as Jurre de Cock — Photo © Martijn van Gelder @ Studio ISA, courtesy of MHz Choice

International TV streaming service MHz Choice has four brand new series coming in the new year, along with the return of a classic French drama and a fan-favorite French mystery series. The complete January 2022 schedule is below.

Tandem: Season 1 (France)

Tandem S1
Tandem: (L-R) Piérick Tournier as Erwan Lebellec, Astrid Veillon as Léa Soler, Stéphane Blancafort as Paul Marchal, and Nelly Lawson as Camille Barbier — Photo © Fabien Malot / DEMD / FTV, courtesy of MHz Choice

In this lighthearted and entertaining buddy cop drama with a twist, Commander Léa Soler (Astrid Veillon, Perfect Crimes) has just taken over as head of the Montpellier police investigations division. Here she’ll be working with Paul Marchal (Stéphane Blancafort, Origins), a wild card of a cop who’s brilliant but totally uncontrollable. It would be just another day at the office for Léa if it weren’t for the fact that she and Paul are both single parents of teenagers and both recently divorced — from each other!

Tandem: Season 1 premieres Tuesday, January 4.

The Return of Arsène Lupin (Le Retour d’Arsène Lupin) (France)

The Return of Arsène Lupin
The Return of Arsène Lupin: François Dunoyer as Arsène Lupin — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Based on the classic stories by Maurice Leblanc, this 1989 series stars François Dunoyer (The Avignon Prophecy) as gentleman thief Arsène Lupin.

The Return of Arsène Lupin premieres Tuesday, January 4.

Replacements (Ihon alla) (Finland)

Replacements: Elena Leeve as Sofia Sivenius — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Set in the cutting-edge world of genetics and cloning, this gripping hospital drama follows what happens after a fateful car accident — one that profoundly changes the life of nurse Sofia Sivenius (Elena Leeve, Maria Kallio) forever.

Replacements premieres Tuesday, January 11.

Amsterdam Vice (Baantjer het Begin) (Netherlands)

Amsterdam Vice
Amsterdam Vice: Waldemar Torenstra as Jurre de Cock — Photo © Pief Weyman, courtesy of MHz Choice

An original eight-part prequel to Baantjer Mysteries, the 1995 series based on the novels by A.C. Baantjer, this crime drama chronicles rookie cop Jurre de Cock’s (Waldemar Torenstra, Divorce) beginnings in Amsterdam’s roughest police department. Set in 1980, the show follows him as he and his fellow officers fight crime amid social unrest in the lead-up to Princess Beatrix’s coronation.

Amsterdam Vice premieres Tuesday, January 18.

Time is a Killer (Le temps est assassin) (France)

Time Is a Killer
Time is a Killer: Mathilde Seigner as Clotilde Baron — Photo courtesy of MHz Choice

Based on the best-selling novel by Michel Bussi, this noir psychological thriller is about a Corsican woman confronting her past so she can unravel a mystery that is derailing her life. It follows Clotilde (Mathilde Seigner, The Girl from Paris) as she returns to Corsica 20 years after being the sole survivor of a car accident that killed her parents and brother. This seminal event in her life is revisited as mysteries surrounding her family, and seemingly everyone who inhabits this small Corsican town, begin to unfold. The series costars Caterino Murino (Casino Royale), Grégory Fitoussi (Spiral), and Thierry Godard (A French Village).

Time Is a Killer premieres Tuesday, January 18.

Captain Marleau: Season 3 (Capitain Marleau) (France)

Captain Marleau
Captain Marleau: Corinne Masiero as Captain Marleau — Photo by Jérôme Prébois, courtesy of MHz Choice

Corinne Masiero (Collection Fred Vargas) is back as the offbeat Captain Marleau, a detective who solves crimes in her own inimitable style, in five new episodes.

Captain Marleau: Season 3 premieres Tuesday, January 25.

All of the above titles will be available to screen on MHz Choice in the US and Canada via the MHz Choice website, the streamer’s Android, iOS and other apps, and on its digital channels, including MHz Choice on Amazon Channels.

For viewers without a subscription to MHz Choice, you can take advantage of the “50% off 6 months” promotion for a limited time. Simply enter promo code BLACK21 at checkout on www.mhzchoice.com. (This promo cannot be used for MHz Choice on third-party platforms such as Amazon Channels.)


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Amsterdam Vice, Tandem, Time Is a Killer & More Headed to MHz Choice in January 2022