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Dead Mountain, about the mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident, continues its US premiere tomorrow. Check out our exclusive clip from the next episode.

Dead Mountain
Dead Mountain: Pyotr Fyodorov as Oleg Kostin — Photo courtesy of Topic

The Russian historical drama Dead Mountain (Pereval Dyatlova) was my most recent pick for “Euro TV to Watch” (read the article here). The story concerns the Dyatlov Pass Incident, a real-life situation in which nine experienced ski-hikers died while on a trek in the Ural Mountains in 1959. The whole thing is steeped in mystery, as it seems apparent they were trying to escape something or someone when they fled the safety of their tent into the snow and sub-zero temperatures in nothing more than their sleep clothes — but what or who was it?

The first episode introduces the audience to Oleg Kostin (Pyotr Fyodorov, Sputnik), a KGB major who conducts a confidential investigation into the deaths of the hikers. Viewers meet all of them in Episode 2 — including Igor Dyatlov (Ivan Mulin, Crystal Swan), a university student and the hiking group’s leader; Sasha Zolotaryov (Egor Beroev, Best Frenemies), a ski instructor and former soldier in World War II who is added to Igor’s group at the last minute; and Yuri Yudin, one of the original ten men and women on the ski-hike, and the only one to escape the tragic fate of his friends.

When I last spoke with Ryan Chanatry, General Manager of Topic, he called Dead Mountain “an amazing story… true-crime at its core, shot beautifully.” More recently, he described the exclusive clip below as:

“Sasha, a war veteran, knows the power of a nightmare: it all too often predicts the future. When Igor wants to dismiss fellow hiker Yuri’s frightening dreams, Sasha tries to warn him that more might be at stake.”

Dead Mountain, a Topic Original series, continues tomorrow with Episode 4 exclusively on Topic and its apps and digital channels, including Topic on Amazon Channels. New episodes will debut on Thursdays through October 7.


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Dead Mountain: Check Out the Exclusive Clip from the Excellent Russian Historical Drama
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